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Warrant Officer Flight Packet: Feedback on resume summary

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❶Use the report button. A high school diploma or its equivalent must be present on all applicants' resumes when applying for a position as a Warrant Officer.

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Battalion Training Officer & Language Program Manager, Chief Warrant Officer 3
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My extremely valuable work ethic and devotion to help others is why I know that I am a prime choice for a Rotary wing aviator. There are many potential candidates that apply for Army aviator, but few have what it really takes.

I have what it takes. I am able to work in a team environment using my intelligent people skills and I have the mental capacity to stay patient during stressful times to work to a solution. I carry a calm and collective approach to situations gathering the facts before acting upon them. As I was a husky operator the ability to have monumental attention to detail was natural to me.

Since numerous lives rested in my hands I had to be quick in my decisions and speculations to spot the slightest differences in the world in front of my vehicle. I had to perform many things simultaneously in very little time. I had to read computers, control the performance of my vehicle, scan the route ahead for discrepancies or threats, watch my rake behind me for any threats I may have uncovered or dug up, report to my platoon sergeant via radio, and assess potential hazards for the following convoy.

With these qualities that I possess I know I can bring them to the warrant officer aviation field to greatly benefit the community of aviators. I am also hoping to submit my packet by the deadline of 13 March for the May board.

I also take the SIFT on the 5th. I am worried that should I succeed in achieving passing scores on both tests that if I submit my packet at the last second would it benefit me more to wait until the 15 May deadline for the July board or try to get it in asap?

Posted in these groups: Rotary Wing Aviator Aircraft Nonspecific. LTC Join to see. I am sure that CW5 Sam B. You can also try to connect with other A Warrants through here: SFC Join to see. I am going though a similar process and am currently re-writing my summary based on input from a WO in my branch that I met here on RP. I will look through your writing more carefully, but I think there are a couple of areas you can improve, based on input I received on my own.

Give me a day or two. Warrant Officer packets are not to be rushed. I forget which for techs. So if you are using army fillable PDF files, what's the coa? Print them out then scan them as PDF files? Yes, print them out and scan them.

There are free options of it, but you would have to do it from your home computer. When I submitted my final packet, I got a message three days later saying there were two corrections that had to be made. I made them and submitted the corrections less than 24 hours later. Since I had submitted my packet weeks ahead of the deadline, the corrections were in before the actual packet deadline.

They chose not to process them until the next board. I think I'm at the same point in the process as you are though but haven't heard back since submitting my corrections last month and getting confirmation they were received. It's a pain in the ass that the check your application status is down too.

Just get a hold of your handler through the usarec site. I emailed mine while I was on staff duty one night, and he replied at like 9 at night on the same day saying I was good. I've seen on different sites that you can go warrant without a degree and some say you need a bachelors like basic officers. The basic requirements for us signal nerds are competency related, plus some English and the TABE, iirc.

Of course, the more college, the more competitive you are. I'm still getting my degree either way because even though I want to ride out the Army. I'd rather make sure I have that degree for free.

Either way, get your degree. It doesn't make the difference in competance, but it is a huge boost to your resume and should be relatively easy to get in most series jobs. They want your packet to be consolidated into only a few pdf files, like , with a max size of 5mb. There are several third party free programs you can get to do this, and your 6 shop does have the ability to get you acrobat pro, if they know how.

I'm not sure what part of that you found to be confusing. Nobody cares about your packet more than you. That was something that happened to another soldier, so I put it in here. I figured if it could happen to him it could happen to someone else. There is no reason to be condescending about it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

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Chief Warrant Officer, Logistics

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Find the best Warrant Officer resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

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Sep 17,  · The resume for the Warrant Officer is very specific to a patiuclar job. The resume only reflects the last 5 years of my currant military service. For entry into the Warrant Officer program they want the military experiance that is relivant to the paticular MOS that you are trying to go into. Warrant Officer Resume Thanks. I'll keep you .

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Could I bother someone to check my Warrant Officer Resume Summary Draft and Letter of Recommendation? I think something that immensely helped out my essay was writing about why I want to be a warrant officer first, and aviator second. SPC Snavery93 would be an exceptional selection for attendance at WOCS and follow on service . WARRANT OFFICER RESUME (This form will be used in place of the resume.) PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT (List all of the warrant officer MOSs to include 4-digit code and official title you are applying for in order of preference.) List service, impact or achievement awards received during each assignment tenure.

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If you hope to become a warrant officer in the U.S. Armed Forces, you must complete a comprehensive application packet, which includes an official application, letter of recommendation and resume, among other documents. Although many of these files are standard forms that display your eligibility. I am a Warrant Officer in the the Army National who has dedicated his civilian and military career to various fields of the Aviation industry. Through my professional experiences I've developed many skills that help me maximize the performance of myself and those around me. Shortly after high school.