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The Tragedy of Titanic

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❶They watched the hull move down the ways. Children and women were first to be allowed to enter the lifeboats and later some men.

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Finally, on April 10, , the largest ship in the world set sail from Belfast. The Captain in charge of the ship was E. While leaving the port, the Titanic narrowly escaped a collision with the liner New York. However, soon the Titanic reached the English Channel and arrived at her first port in Chebourg, France, around 6: There she took aboard mail and about more passengers. On her fourth day at sea, Sunday, April 14, at nine in the morning the mighty ship received their first warning of icebergs.

The ships Carolina, Noordam, Baltic, and the Amerika all gave warnings to the Titanic telling them that they were sailing into an area of heavy icebergs. Most people on board were not afraid, they believed that the ship was unsinkable. The last ice warning was received at 9: Many people believe that it was those very words that sealed the fate of the Titanic.

The Californian's wireless operator then turned off his radio and went to bed. Frederick Fleet and Lee were the watchers in the crows nest of the Titanic who first spotted the giant berg. They rang the bell three times and yelled, "Iceberg dead ahead! In doing this, the ship missed hitting the ice berg head on, but would scrape along the side of the ice instead, which probably caused more damage than hitting it straight on would have.

Water went into the first five compartments. At this point, the ship had only about an hour and a half before the it went down. Sailors walked from door to door telling passengers to put on life vests because the ship was sinking. After midnight, Captain Smith ordered the lifeboats ready.

At first, only women and children were allowed into the boats. The ship was built to contain such event but the water was too much. The ship started sinking and therefore the captain ordered the initiation of distress calls and the lifeboats to be uncovered.

Most of the passengers at first did know of the precarious situation they were in. The night was so cold and so the idea of getting inside the lifeboats did not sound good to the passengers. Most of them were reluctant to do so. As it became evident that the ship was actually sinking the passengers started to rush to get in the lifeboats.

Children and women were first to be allowed to enter the lifeboats and later some men. It was then realized that the boats were not enough to save every passenger on-board the Titanic. The water was freezing so some people opted to stay in the ship than freeze to death. Some tried to find anything that could float on the deck so that they can save their lives. Some minutes later the ship snapped into two halves.

Several ships received the distress call from the Titanic and changed their course to offer some help. The first to arrive was the Carpathia. In four hours all the passengers in the lifeboats had boarded and it headed to New York. Later, we built ship; we must have enough lifeboats in the ship. We must have enough SOS signal flares and telescopes. We must improve our crisis awareness. We are serious to accept any SOS signal flares and warming messages.

We can set up the organization which is rescuing the ship fall into troubles. Titanic 12 December Sequences of sinking We will write a custom essay sample on.

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- Titanic Essay Many people across the world watch films. It is so popular because it puts a story on the screen and into life so that people can see it. People watch films for the entertainment value, or are simply too lazy to read and enjoy the magic of a book. The advantages of watching a film at the cinema rather than on video is the bigger.

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The Sinking of the RMS Titanic by Ivah Steenwyk This is the RMS Titanic leaving its first port. It all started on a summer night in

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RMS Titanic was a British registered four funnelled ocean liner built in for the passenger’s and mail service between Southampton and New York. On 10 April the RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton, England with 2, passengers and crew, four days later the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank: people died and . Descriptive essay example exploring the tragedy of Titanic and the horror hundreds of people have been through.

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Why did the titanic sink? This disaster has affected the world as a whole, as there were people from different countries and social status that lost their lives. Essay: Titanic When people hear the name Titanic many vivid and emotional images come to mind. Visions of the very last yet frantic final moments titanic spent afloat before sinking to its watery grave miles below the surface.