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And how they explain who they are and what they do will make their website or blog visitors either want to open the door wider or run for the emergency exit. So where do you draw the line?

How do you write a bio that gets to the core of who you are and makes your readers want to get to know you better? Once you have the system down, and have created several bios to use in different situations, all you will have to do is revisit each of them from time to time to make changes as old pieces drop off and new experiences and skills come into play.

Your bio and online profile are great tools for building trust and credibility with readers, visitors, followers and potential clients. The more approachable you are, the more people will want to connect with you and start building a relationship. Your bio is your best tool for communicating who you are and what is important to you. A key benefit is that you get to define yourself. You get to decide how you will show yourself to the world.

More about this later. This is one of the most important benefits of having a carefully constructed online bio. You will rise above all those profiles and about pages that are written in faceless corporate-speak.

The best bios do not answer every question, but rather leave the reader with an urge to find out more about you. A warm, engaging bio provides opportunities for visitors to email or phone you with additional questions, follow a link to find out more about your products and services or sign up for delivery of your blog or newsletter.

With an SEO-optimized bio or about page, the opportunities are endless. As a blogging coach, when I worked with clients to write or improve their bios and about pages, the first thing I did was visit their sites to read their current bios.

Now these were smart, talented people. But they were making the same mistakes over and over again. The good news is that they are fairly easy to fix—if you know what they are:. This one is obvious and yet it is often overlooked.

Readers want to know right away who you are and what you are about. If you make them wade through several paragraphs of text, you may lose them. On your blog, this is especially important. Your famously click-happy visitors need to know within seconds what you write about on your blog.

Your bio or about page is a good place to do that. Give me a reason to stick around. Show us some of the personality that makes you unique. At first glance, the things on this list may seem random and unrelated, but they do two things: As a rule of thumb, I always say: Go with the things that help your readers understand you better.

Jim Peacock is a career development specialist and a past client of mine. As you can see, we get a much clearer picture of Jim when he shares some of his passions, priorities and life experiences with us. And number 4 is crucial because it helps us understand why he feels so deeply about helping people find the life work that is right for them.

Okay, this one gets a double demerit. There is nothing wrong with listing some of your achievements in fact you should. Just try showing me your skills and talents through specific examples or a personal story. I want a personal glimpse.

This may seem like an extreme example, but I once read a bio with this exact information in it. Because, really, unless you are on a Facebook alumni page, when is the last time you engaged with someone online based on what college they went to?

Now, there are some instances where degrees and credentials are very important for a therapist or attorney, for example. The client I talked about earlier is another example of this. His students and coaching clients expected him to have the proper degrees and he shared them—at the end of his about page.

That story was key because it showed how important he thinks it is to find the work you are meant to be doing. And today, this is what he helps his clients and students do. While you are at it, take out the chronological history of places worked. Now if you had a job somewhere that let me peek into a part of you that helps me understand who you are today and why you have this blog or website?

Then, yes, I want to hear that. Readers are looking for any old excuse not to hang around, so hook them on you and your site right away. Your online bio should be all about connecting with your readers. Some readers need that extra, personal invitation to feel comfortable enough to send you an email. Catch them while they are interested! I was a freelance writer and my skills and experience were all over the place, so I needed to separate them to appeal to my various audiences.

Your online bio should be constructed with that same kind of attention: If you do that, your bio will be an incredibly useful tool. If you have a blog or website for your business, you should already have a pretty good idea of who you are developing your content for. Use that information when you craft your bio. Your stories are a part of you. They help us understand your personal journey—if that is important to who you are—and how you are uniquely qualified to help us.

We remember a good story long after the telling is over. It was an important story because it showed that she gets what it means to be stuck, understands barriers to growth and knows how to get people on the road toward living a life filled with passion. And because she showed it with a personal story, it was much more powerful. When I worked with another client, we decided to tell the story of how he changed careers—and why.

The turning point for him was the day he realized that he was seeing too many adults in his counseling office who had been physically and sexually abused as children. He decided to figure out how to stop the abuse before more lives were ruined. This story showed not just what he was doing in his new business, but why.

And it gave his website visitors a good sense of the passion he brings to his new work. No one wants to slog through your degrees or hear your story from birth to now. If your training is important, you can sum that up in one sentence, or have another button readers can click on in your navigation bar for a more lengthy description.

My friend Therese Walsh, author and co-founder of the wildly popular Writer Unboxed blog, does a nice job of the simple-with-options concept. Her main bio is fairly concise but notice how, at the end, she offers more links, leaving the door open, so readers who are interested can learn more about her. Focus instead on the things that increase our trust in you as someone who knows what you are talking about, who can also solve our problems. Look at it from a storytelling angle instead, and pick and choose relevant things to share.

For instance, the fact that you had a job selling shoes one summer in your junior year of college holds no interest for your reader. Unless you are now in the foot apparel business and you learned an incredibly important lesson that summer that makes you better at what you do today. At the time, he had a marketing consulting business. He also happened to be the founder and president of Social Media Club Seattle.

That gives him huge amounts of added credibility in his blog niche. If he said he was president of the Harley Davidson Owners Club? Although he might sprinkle that in as one of his fun facts later. You want laser-focused information here. Make your accomplishments fit who you are serving and why you are doing what you do.

You might not want to tell about your near-drowning experience. Unless, like that career counselor client of mine, it made you more passionate about living your life to the fullest and helping others find work they love. Have you ever gotten to know someone online and when you meet them at a conference, they seem like a completely different person?

Your goal should be to match your online persona with your real self as closely as possible. And if the bio on your website, the one on your blog and the one on Facebook sound like you are talking about three different people, you have a problem.

Make the online you consistent with the offline one. If it is done right, people who meet you in person for the first time will feel like they already know you just from reading your bio and interacting with you online. Connect your profile with your brand.

If you are playful, and your website and blog posts reflect that, so should your profile. Got a quirky sense of humor? Your online content and the copy in your bio should not clash. Whether you are writing an article for a networking site, creating a new blog post or making a comment on Twitter, stay true to yourself.

Make them curious about you. The only way to satisfy their need to know is by reading more of your content or contacting you to continue the conversation. Which brings me to the next point. The memorable bio writers are not afraid to show us a little bit of their souls. They might share something they have done in their lives that makes them truly unique. When we read a good story, our brains are hardwired to remember it. You want your words to stick, so she will remember them.

Research has shown that close to 60 percent of people are visual learners, that is, they respond better to printed text and images. It is how they process and recall information. Try including some image-rich picture words in your bio. We can picture someone in a race. Reading is changed to classic novels, animals becomes stray cats and the hard-to-picture antiques are now snow globes,.

I like to laugh at myself and I love to make other people laugh. When writing your bio, you have some important decisions to make. One of them is choosing your tone, writing style and voice. Your point of view, or the vantage you write your bio from is is a key part of that. There is no right or wrong here. Just keep in mind that there are differences. With first person, there are no barriers between you and your readers.

An example of the first few sentences of a bio written in first person:. Well, I am happiest when I am writing. I blog to help people show up online in real and engaging ways. I like to show my readers how to make their blogs feel better.

I like to show them how they can use social media to get their brand out there in the world. I write to release my true stories in the hope that they will help my readers navigate life and live to tell about it. Consider using first person if you want to take a more friendly tone.

On blogs, I tend to favor first person because, by their very nature, blogs are informal and conversational. First person also works well if you are a solopreneur and you are the business. Some people avoid first person because they are uncomfortable talking about themselves and feel as if they are bragging.

If first person is you sitting on a couch and having a personal chat with your readers, third person is more like someone else talking about you. This is where it can get tricky. Do you want to be the one talking or do you want the reader to feel like she is getting the information about you from someone else? The short bio writing services guarantee but the best of quality work. Through the vast experience that our writers have gained throughout the many years, they have been in this line of service delivery, they are able to effectively handle even the most important biography needs such as the one in question.

Their great professionalism levels also make sure that they are able to keep the details of the client only known to them. You should, therefore, rest assured that no one will get hold of your information at least not from our end. Second of all quality is not our only concern in the type of services we offer. Although it is the main reason why we have remained in business, we also put other factors into consideration when offering our business.

The other important point which we factor is the making sure that we observe and meet the deadlines set by our clients. We are a very time conscious service delivery company where we guarantee to always submit your biography needs within the timeline you set. Although this is not common in the biographies we submit to our clients, there are times when the client might not be pleased with the type of biography submitted to him.

If such a case should arise, you should make sure you contact us and notify us and we guarantee to offer free edits and revisions to a biography that our writer may have submitted to you but not in the top most quality. They should know that we also offer autobiography writing provided the person in question provides sufficient information about their entire life up to the time of the biography writing. It is important that the person in question provides the writer with all the information about his life since an autobiography is supposed to capture all the life events of the person it talks about.

Our biography writing service s also include business biographies as well as short bios. The business biographies are simply about the business one chooses to write about and should contain a comprehensive history of the business. We can also write short comprehensive bios and admission biographies as requested by the client. At least now that you have an idea of the type of biography writings we provide our clients, you will know where to be whenever you need any type of biography written for you.

The only thing you will be required to provide us with is your complete resume and we will take care of the rest. Our Biography Writing Services. Our writers are capable of writing a variety of professional biographies for businesses in any field. Our writers have the specialization that allows them to craft professional biography for each and every case to represent the company from the best angle.

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