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Individual Rights Essay

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❶However, these types of individuals often feel that Natural Law limits their freedom, yet in reality, it only limits their choices as to what is "right" and "wrong.

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To be safeguarded from danger or harm: Patients should always be in an environment which they feel safe in; they should feel like they are safe in the building and safe with the people caring for them.

During my time at placement I have reassured patients when they are feeling unsafe and calmed patients when they are worried about their safety. An example of this; when patients see people entering the centre they worry about who they are and what they are doing here, I then reassure them. Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Individual Rights specifically for you.

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We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Trade Tagg must sieze the opportunities which are inherent to being a part of the world community. Namely, its capacity to export those goods which…… [Read More]. Individual rights advocates have always held that the criminal justice system must endeavor to protect the personal freedoms of individuals.

On the contrary, public order advocates do believe that under certain circumstances involving criminal threat to the public safety, societal interests should take precedence over individual rights. Criminal justice is synonymous with law enforcement. The criminal justice system insulates both the accuser and the accused from any form of impartiality by strictly applying the law of criminal procedure -- the criminal penal law.

Criminal justice cannot in any way be separated from social justice. It is therefore ill-conceived for one to posit that criminals have too many rights in America's criminal justice system because the legal system "grants so many rights" to people accused of crime.

Simply put, the "accused" are granted adequate rights. Because of the government's excesses, it is in order that an accused person is guaranteed the…… [Read More]. Individual Rights vs Public Order. Public Order Individual right - the right to privacy VS. The Surveillance cameras are regularly connected to machines for taping the proceedings, but nobody looks at these tapes unless something untoward happens. These cameras are on the march and have spread to gas stations, ATMs, mini-marts, sporting events as also on the streets.

There are a great number of the Surveillance cameras now on Times Square as that is viewed to be the next major target for terrorist attacks. The sales of these systems are now the highest among all types of electronic security products. Individual Rights for the People.

The enforcement of the law will also be dependent upon public jury trial and civil court case proceedings, which will be intended to devise the conditions by which a dispute between citizens or between state and citizen has come to pass and the conditions by which justice can be restored to any given scenario. It is the right of the people to see that the system of laws in place is designed with justice as its chief goal and with mercy as its balancing principle in achieving equitable and appropriate judgment and sentencing upon criminal offenders.

The Right to the Protection of Individuality, Life and Liberty Encompassed in the protection of individual rights is the gamut of behaviors which are unpredictable but permissible in their variance. The individual rights which are provided us by the evolutionary history of world governments has prioritized such liberties as political orientation, public speech,…… [Read More].

Individual Rights Versus Social Responsibility. The writer discusses individual rights and what they mean. Then there is a discussion about how they interact and affect an individual's social responsibility. There were four sources used to complete this paper. Constitution America affords its residents some of the most liberal rights on earth.

Individual rights are what this nation was built on and it is what it continues to promote today. America's insistence on the protection and promotion of individual rights is what makes millions of immigrants flock to its shores each year to begin a new life here.

America is also known for having a strong sense of social responsibility. The nation sends money to other nations in need and has worked hard to rebuld nations that it has destroyed in wars. There is no question that the United States provides individual rights to each person who lives here, and social…… [Read More].

Individual Rights in Criminal Justice. While each side has its merits and in some sense complements the other, there are those who favor either perspective. Public order advocates argue that the safety of citizens and the cohesion of civil society is paramount. Individual rights advocates are more focused on the autonomy of each person, even where it threatens the cohesion of society.

Without some degree of social cohesion, it would be impossible for the state or society to exist in any effective capacity. In this case, it is difficult to see who would ensure the protection of individual rights. Similarly, a society that fails completely to protect any individual rights is ultimately serving none of the people within it and will end up collapsing. Therefore, there is a balancing act between the two perspectives that is necessary. In many cases, it is difficult…… [Read More].

Statement of Individual Rights for a Nation. Individual ights for a Nation Introductory Supporting Analysis The legal and political philosophical principles that ostensibly will advance the Nation of Tagg and its political establishment are the focus of the first section of this paper.

The Nation of Tagg utilizes a democratic republic form of managing the body politic via the use of popular determinism. The question as to whether Natural Law or Legal Positivism as a philosophical approach to law making within Tagg will be critically analyzed. The Theory of Natural Law is derived from the notion that an overlap does exist between morality and the law of the land.

However, the relevance of natural law has been questioned by contemporary philosophers to whether such a theory can merge into a complex and modern society that thrives on the existence of a large 'grey area', an overlap, between morality and law. According to Carr , "To modernize natural…… [Read More]. Public Order vs Individual Rights. In its perfect state, enforcing public order would, by its definition, secure and maintain the individual rights of its citizens.

However, also by agreeing that another party has the right and responsibility to enforce public order, citizens give up some of their individual rights. By living in the United States, one has made a quasi-contractual agreement to abide by the laws that govern the country. As such, individuals have surrendered at least some of their individual rights in the name of public order.

These people, however, constantly fight with one another over the limited food on the island. The ten people can use their liberty to enter a contract, which grants one of the individuals the power to make and enforce the rules they will all live by.

These individuals have…… [Read More]. Right to Carry Handguns for Self-Protection: The right to carry handguns for law abiding citizens has been a continual social and political debate about the restriction or availability of firearms within the country.

Actually, the right to carry handguns has developed to become one of the major controversial and intractable issues within the social and political environments in the nation. The main reason attributed to the development of this controversial issue is the constitutional provision regarding firearms and the government's responsibility to prevent criminal activities, maintaining order, and safeguarding citizens' well-being.

The debate has been characterized by different reasons that have been raised by intellectuals, social activists, and advocates in support and opposition of the controversial issue.

The debate regarding the right to carry and keep firearms can be traced to the inception of the gun culture, which explained the affections of American's citizens in adopting and celebrating…… [Read More].

Rights vs Responsibilities the Conflict. Unfortunately, those not exercising this "right," that is the traditional two-parent families bear the brunt of these phenomena. Their incomes are heavily taxed to bear the burden of the "rights" of those who are passing the bill on without paying their fair share.

This brings up what Mr. Lloyd calls the other "R"-responsibility. The emphasis upon rights has impoverished the social discourse. For rights to be meaningful and workable, they have to have a context or framework to exist in. This is where responsibility comes in. Lloyd from other authorities is that he deepens the definition of responsibilities beyond simply recognizing and protecting other people's "rights.

For this reason, advocates a return to the biblical heritage upon which British and American constitutional concepts rest Lloyd, Right to Bear Arms Arguing. The first argument would be to point out that essentially, the right to bear arms is an individual right that can be exercised by any member of the civil society. The second main argument to be pointed out is that gun ownership does not necessarily translate to its improper use, posing as a threat to civil society.

The legislative system has created a system that eliminates the occurrence of improper or inappropriate gun use, to prevent this threat from happening. Rights vs Social Responsibility. Social esponsibility social conflict The very nature of business implies that the individual has the right to run a business in order to generate as profit.

This aspect is aligned with the democratic ideal of personal and individual freedom. The emphasis in business is therefore on individual motivation and the freedom to achieve success in that particular field of business.

However, modern business ethics also require a degree of social responsibility on the part of the individual. This means that the individual in the pursuit of his rights should not infringe or transgress the rights of the society or the community in which he or she functions and runs a business.

Individual rights refer to the liberties of each individual to pursue life and goals without interference from other individuals or the government. Examples of individual rights include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…… [Read More]. Individual Project - Ethics Individual. As the above scenarios illustrate, it is impossible to rely upon a single moral theory when developing a corporate code of ethics. This is because each individual brings his or her own personal perspective about ethics, so that each theory is biased by personal perspective.

While Kohlberg's Model of Cognitive Development attempts to incorporate these differences, it fails to answer the question of whether or not individuals can judge the morality of someone's actions when that person comes from a different ethical and cultural background.

Therefore, it seems like the best thing a corporation can do is to consult the cultural norms of its stakeholders and try to fashion a corporate code that respects all of those norms. Such a code would focus on individual rights, utilitarianism, and justice. Therefore, DWI's corporate code should pledge to create value and enhance quality of life for…… [Read More]. Right to Life - Terri.

On this matter, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi stated, "Congressional leaders have no business substituting their judgment for that of multiple state courts that have extensively considered the issues in this intensely personal family matter. Federal Judge James Whittemore heard the Schiavo case and ruled on March 22, that the Schindlers had not established a "substantial likelihood of success" at trial and refused to order the reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.

Terri died on March 31, This paper has presented only the most noted court rulings and proceedings regarding the Schiavo case. In the absence of a living…… [Read More]. Right to Die Why Patients. Fact sheet on end-of-life care. Pain, Physician assisted dying and euthanasia.

Foley discusses how access to and delivery of pain treatment are seriously deficient in the present health care systems in the United States. The author advocates expanding services and resources to care for the dying patient. To improve health and health care. Isaacs and Knickman examine programs of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a health care philanthropy.

They reports its history, evaluates its effect, and discusses lessons learned as well as provide a frank discussion of why some problems can't be easily solved. Rights of the Accused the Due Process. While the emergence of due process can be traced from the English common law tradition, the long and twisting history of due process usually leaves scholars puzzled and students confused.

The controversy surrounding due process is mainly attributed to the Supreme Court's use of the clause in the Fourth Amendment for many of the Bill of ights provisions to states through the incorporation process. During the colonial years and period towards the adoption of the Constitution, the meaning of due process was basically stated on the basis of notification and fair hearing.

As a result, the due process clauses in the state organic laws were understood to relate to process instead of matters of substance. Currently, despite of these controversies, due process is mainly used…… [Read More]. Individuals the Product of Society. Individuals and Society Action theories and structural theories are both endeavors to understand different aspects of society. They try to explain the behaviors of individuals as separate entities and also as a part of group. They further attempt to explain the effects or implications of people's actions on society and on making on rules, norms and customs that prevail in a society.

According to action theories, sociology is a science "is a science concerning itself with the interpretive understanding of social action and thereby with a causal explanation of its course and consequences" Weber, p. It is different from other subjects such as history, where the emphasis on the individual events, rather than individuals who lead to a certain event.

However, though the social action is to be studied with objectivity on the part of…… [Read More]. Protecting Liberty Individual rights Bill of ights defines the protections afforded individual citizens under the Constitution against excessive government intrusions into private lives and arbitrary prosecutions. Since these Amendments were first adopted by the ratifying states the courts have interpreted the intent of each and created rules that attempt to keep the government from running roughshod over these rights.

One of the most important rights is to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment LII, A warrant issued by a magistrate or judge is typically required before a police officer can enter a private citizen's residence or other property and conduct a search. In addition, the focus…… [Read More].

This concept carries an implicit unstated postscript with it in that one may exercise one's rights as long as one does not violate the individual rights of others.

Individual rights pertain to the rights that are deemed universal to all people regardless of any group affiliations they may have. For example freedom of speech is considered a universal individual right in many societies.

Governments are formed to protect the individual rights of all, but at the same time restrict some rights to ensure equality. Collective rights refer to the rights that groups have, or to the rights held only by those individuals within a specified group Lea, For instance, a certain group of indigenous people may lay claim to certain rights such as the right to live on native lands…… [Read More]. Right to Trial by Jury. In protecting individuals, the right to jury trial protects all of the citizenry.

The Sixth Amendment of the U. Right to Privacy Being a Citizen of. Constitution and the Bill of ights we are granted certain rights -- the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly -- just to name a few. However, despite the 27 amendments the Bill of ights that guarantee American protections and liberties, there is no explicit law that guarantees protection to a citizen's right to privacy Davis, It is more of an assumed protection, although most Americans do not realize it.

This assertion is often supported with a citation of the 14th amendment which states: In spite of this, people take decisions to finish their lives, which in turn result in ending their pain and suffering. This practice is known as euthanasia, or even commonly called as assisted suicide by those who are against the practice completely.

However, whatever term we may use to label it, it is an issue that society should become more familiar with. For instance few countries like Switzerland have legalized the practice and extend great support to those who want to end their lives so as to get away from the detriment of their disorders.

However, this practice is only legal and offered only to those who are going through terminal illnesses or vegetative states. Although there are many controversies that surrounds euthanasia, there are numerous religious activists and humanitarian groups that…… [Read More]. Rights and Developing Countries. Rights and Developing Countries Human rights are essential to protect humanity and development.

Human rights represent rights of an individual, a community or a society. Human rights violation in the current world has its consequences on the offender. There are organizations that fund human rights activists. The need to uphold human right has made governments formulate policies, create institutions, and laws that promote human rights.

Developing countries have policies that protect rights of people in the society. India is one of the developing countries that face challenges in relation to human rights. In India, the issue is unique since it has a very large geographical region and thus; has diverse cultures. The country is a democratic nation, permits secular notions and is a sovereign state Kieran, India's constitution provides for fundamental human rights.

Under the constitution, there is provision for freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech,…… [Read More]. Individual Analysis The current job environment means that people have to be well qualified for the job they are seeking or they will not be considered a candidate.

There are people hunting for jobs who have decades of experience in a particular field, so it is difficult for a recent graduate, even one with a graduate degree and some experience in management, to compete with this type of candidate.

This is the situation that I find myself in. I am going to hit the job market with a graduate-level degree and some amount of experience, but very little practical experience. It is possible to entice a prospective employer with the fact that I am young and have recent intense theoretical knowledge which may help in some instances, but not many , but most employers realize that they have a wide pool of applicants to look through with vastly greater amounts of…… [Read More].

Individual's Overall Quality of Life. This was a result of economic sectors which are dominated majorly by men such as heavy manufacturing and construction feeling the effects of the recession more adversely thatn the sectors that are dominated by women such as education, healthcare and public-sector employment. By the end of the year , the global recession put about 28 million men out of jobs in the whole world Salam The situations is continuing to become worse as a result of the pain that globalization causes adding onto the pain of the recession.

This is to mean that between 30 and 40 million more jobs are expected to be lost in the U. As a result of heavy outsourcing to third world countries that provide cheap labor.

The situation for men is also worsened by the fact that men are falling behind on the acquisition of educational credentials which are necessary for the success…… [Read More]. Rights of Accused One of the Most.

Actually, the Due Process Clauses can be regarded as among the most essential and controversial provisions entrenched in the American Constitution.

The due process provisions were entrenched in the constitution as a means of ensuring that the rights of innocent people are protected against abuses from the federal government. In addition to protecting innocent people from wrong conviction, the due process clauses also provides a balance of disparity in resources between federal and state governments, and the common accused individual.

Origin of the Due Process: The origin of due process of law can be traced back to when the phrase developed as a restatement of the Magna Carta Johnson, n.

During this period, the due process of law was used for the…… [Read More]. Retrieved from Findlaw at: Supreme Court affirmed tis standard of a burden of proof, denying it violated te petitioner Medina's rigt to due process.

Retrieved from Cornell University Law Scool at: Supreme Court eld tat even if te gun went off accidentally, Dean was still liable to te mandatory minimum. Pennurst State Scool…… [Read More]. Individual Project This week submitting Proposal project.

Introduction case study the integrated project designed tie newly acquired knowledge energy economics analysis major global issues face career.

The project will be a research paper that analyses the future demand of OPEC oil. In the research, the uncertainty range will be analyzed and researched. There is a continuous growth of energy needs globally, while the oil prospects and gas production are declining.

This gives a negative outlook as the energy demands will outweigh its production. The limited amount of oil found globally is an issue that is been discussed widely, which makes oil a valuable resource. The organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC controls majority of the world's oil, which is produced by its member states. There are many uncertainties affecting the supply of oil by OPEC members. Currently instability and tensions affecting some countries have led to disruptions in…… [Read More].

Rights of Patients Patients' Rights. In a respect, this underscores the nature of the strategies used for the protection of patients' rights.

The intention is primarily to provide a basic forum for the constructive interaction of patient and physician with legal recourse serving as a failsafe. So is this implied by the LSCSA, which indicates that the demands of existing Patients' Rights standards are designed to make the physician actively accountable to the patient's interests.

Therefore, the LSCSA indicates a strategy for preserving the right to consent, reporting that "although the first step usually should be to speak to the doctor or other health care provider who has treated the patient, if any doubts remain, a patient should not…… [Read More].

Right Stuff Tom Wolfe's Book. Surprisingly, among the most important qualities possessed by the very few individuals who have the right stuff are attributes if one can refer to it as being an attribute like overconfidence.

This arrogance is apparently essential for making pilots have the feeling that they should not be left behind, regardless of the circumstances. In their field of work, test pilots were well aware that what they did had never been experienced before and that they had to be best at it.

Even when one is plunging to his death, he is still capable of conversing with their team and see that his colleague exploit the situation so as for…… [Read More]. Right to the City Social. The ability of the state to hem in the free use of public space is clearly seen in the limitation of the Free Speech movement in Berkeley, California.

Students at the state university were outraged by the limitations placed upon the campus by the administration, such as prohibiting non-students from disseminating materials and the prohibition on distributing political leaflets on the Bancroft-Telegraph sidewalk, traditionally an area of political protest Mitchell The university invoked its right, in loco parentis to supervise free expression.

Students and administrators were at war as to whether the university was a totally free public space, or a space subject to regulation -- this division would later be waged over the People's Park, an area designated for university expansion. The war between the university and state authorities that ensued turned the park into a generational or ideological battle, articulated and mapped on the space.

Who owned…… [Read More]. Right to Counsel in the United States. Right to counsel is the civil right of an accused person to seek the aid of an individual who is an expert in the law of the land. Often when a person finds him or herself in a position where they are a defendant in either a civil or criminal court, they need to utilize the skills of someone who understands the law. The present law of the United States is that a person may employ an attorney to represent him or her in a court.

If a person is unable to afford an attorney, then counsel will be appointed to that person and paid for…… [Read More]. Right to Privacy 1st Amendment the Parameters. One of the amendments that seek to protect the private rights of citizens is the First Amendment. However, controversies have arisen that have required the Supreme Court to impose limitations on an individual who is exercising his or her rights under the First Amendment.

The First Amendment states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" U. As stated in the First Amendment, one is…… [Read More].

Individuals and Their ights - a book by Tibor. Machan Machan's view is that libertarianism has a "moral superiority" over other political theories and practices - and hence, that reflects one of the pressing needs for this book to be written. The essence of the author's arguments in this book is that a comprehensive "moral defense" of the sometimes controversial tenets of libertarianism had not yet been presented - albeit this book was published in , and subsequent to its appearance there have indeed been numerous academic justifications and explanations for the libertarian philosophy herein espoused.

The author admits, in the Preface p. He chose "b" - because he recognized, in an honest editorial position,…… [Read More]. Right Stuff Patton the Right. Indeed, the cantankerous and authoritarian general would operate with what was necessarily a sense of his individual capacity to lead his men into battle. To Patton, leadership does require some degree of extraordinary confidence, if not outright vanity, if one is to engage organizational goals with the sense of entitlement to exact decisions impacting the lives of so man.

Such is also true if one is to contend with the constant challenges, setbacks and opponents inevitable when in command of so many people and policies. However, as his comments show, it is Patton's position that the leader should never view himself as removed from any degree of labor relevant to these goals.

As it were, he suggests that the great and natural leader will take as much proprietary pride in getting his hands dirty as in offering administrative oversight. This is the equation that figures into the 'right stuff,' with…… [Read More]. Right Stuff the Meaning of. A bold undercurrent presumably aligns with a dedication to procedure, diligence and professionalism to create the perfect specimen of an astronaut.

Indeed, the American space program would be deeply implicated by its role in the Cold ar. America's military security and psychological pride hinged very much on the success with which the program was executed and reflected in the media.

The role of astronaut, which placed those selected in the public eye and with a significant weight resting on their shoulders, also suggested that the 'right stuff' earning this role was something more intangible akin to terms such as the 'American Dream' and 'democracy. Stellar athletes and model citizens, yet imbued with a human element allowing them to resonate as heroes with the adoring American population.

The individuals selected…… [Read More]. Rights of Disabled Children. Under the law governed by Education for All Handicapped Act of , a child with disability has the right to special education. This Act directs a provision of funds to states and local districts for the education program of disabled children. It includes and mandates the provision of the following. A comprehensive diagnosis of each child's disabilities by a qualified professional team, an annual review of each child's progress, the involvement of parents in educational decisions,…… [Read More].

Individual Skills and Strength Individual Skills and. Communication and listening skills are the essential life skills required to excel in the professional career. Individual with good listening and communication skills are not only generally better informed, the person is perceived as being pleasant with colleagues in the job place. Communication skills are important in all facet of life, and communication skills are the key to achieve a bright career. Communication skill is the system of expressing information concisely and effectively in an oral and written mode as well as sharing information with others in order to facilitate exchange of ideas and information.

On the other hand, problem-solving skills are the set-skills that allow an…… [Read More]. Individuals Who Contributed to Special. Seguin moved to the United States in and established a number of schools in various cities for the education of mentally handicapped children. His publication, "The Treatment, Hygiene and Education of Idiots and Other Backward Children," is a landmark textbook dealing with the special needs of children with mental disabilities.

Special education in the United States remained marginalized until the early to mid's. Orton worked extensively to develop ways of teaching reading to children with reading disabilities. He developed the Orton-Gillingham method for reading education, which consistently proved to increase the…… [Read More]. Individual Knowledge and Power 19th Century Poet.

Individual Knowledge and Power 19th century poet Emily Dickinson is famous for her writing about the sometimes odd quality of being human, or rather the unnatural social norms that humanity has constructed.

Despite the best efforts of the philosophers and statesmen who have fostered Western principles of common sense throughout the centuries, people are not mathematical certainties; and while general rules are essential to the well-being of the population, individual lives cannot be dictated by a standardized social formula.

True human growth and progress is a journey often taken alone, in which a person has to develop his or her own ideas of right and wrong. This short essay examines three different ways individual knowledge and power is originated, fostered, and…… [Read More]. Individual Learning Plans in Community. Since the Learning and Skills Council LSC has focused its efforts on establishing an appropriate method of recognizing and recording the progress and achievement of learners that is non-accredited in nature.

Development of a model called the 'Staged Process. For those who are non-religious, Natural Law is more related to common sense, meaning that knowing what is "right" and what is "wrong" is simply a matter of rational or logical thinking. However, these types of individuals often feel that Natural Law limits their freedom, yet in reality, it only limits their choices as to what is "right" and "wrong.

And the fact that we all know, at some level, there is a 'right thing' to do implies the existence of Natural Law" Brumley, , Internet. Rights for U S Citizens to. High level of privatization as most companies offering health care insurance are private The U.

Right to Die For the last few decades, the issue of a person's right to choose the time and method of his or her own death has been one of passionate debate in the United States, with emotions running high on both sides of the controversy as the meanings of liberty and freedom of choice, the morality of taking one's own life, the ethics of people involved in such actions, and the laws related to this issue take center stage in the arguments.

Since civilization began, suicide has existed in one form or another, with varying degrees of acceptance, such as the ancient Greeks who held tribunals for elderly people who requested to die, and if approved, were given hemlock and during the first century B.

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- Rights of the Individual in Handmaid's Tale and Invisible Man The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, and Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, are two novels which use an essentially "invisible" central character to comment on the manipulative power society holds over people, destroying the individual.

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Statements of individual rights. Individual rights play an important role in every nation as they ensure that persons are not discriminated against in all aspect of their lives. It is important for individuals to have an adequate understanding of their rights as way of ensuring they are treated fairly and with honesty.

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Protecting our Individual Rights essays Individual rights are one of the cornerstones this country is based upon. In fact, individual rights are the foundation of any democracy, and certainly separate us from the misery of dictatorship, communism, and autocracy. Individual rights are those rights we have that allow us to exercise our freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights, originally drafted in by James Madison, came into effect in (Wikipedia ).

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Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! citizens" individual rights, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and other amendments, are being. threatened each day, not only in the name of public order, but by the government's desire to. control individuals" lives (Criminal Justice)/5(7).