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Top 10 Homework Tips

Helping with Homework

❶That can be an even broader lesson," Koedinger explains. Turn off the TV and the iPod when your child does homework.

Be there to monitor (but not correct).

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Tips for Homework Helpers

That means students should complete it to the best of their ability, pack it up, and get it to school themselves. One Orlando school recently banned homework drop-offs by parents. Stop texting my mom friend for screen shots of the spelling words my kid failed to write down in class. My son recently spilled salsa on his math worksheet. How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. If you feel your BP rising, walk away, splash water on your face, or do whatever helps soothe you, suggests Dr.

I think we both need a break. Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. By Erin Zammett Ruddy. Let your child create a routine. Be there to monitor but not correct. By reviewing homework with your child and talking to your child's teacher, you can identify any learning problems and tackle them early on.

The key to truly helping kids with homework is to know when to step in. Make sure your kids know that you're available if there's a snag, but that it's important to work independently.

Encourage effort and determination — not just the grades they get. Be a good example by showing your own love of learning. While your child does homework, do your own — read books, magazines, and newspapers; write letters, lists, and emails; use math skills to calculate expenses or balance the checkbook.

By showing that learning remains important — even fun — once school's over, you'll help your kids understand that building knowledge is something to enjoy throughout life. Steven Dowshen, MD Date reviewed: June More on this topic for: Can Vision Problems Affect Schoolwork?

For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. Kids learn best when they're given examples of how to solve problems, Koedinger says. Instead of doing the work, show your child how you'd do a similar task, step by step. After each step, have him explain to you why you did it. For example, in the infamous algebra problem where two trains are converging at different speeds, you might begin by drawing a diagram of the two trains.

Ask your child, "What can this diagram show me? You can also offer alternative ways of approaching a task. If a child struggles with math equations, put them into a story format. Research shows that we use the anterior prefrontal cortex to solve a story problem, and the posterior parietal cortex for equations -- but using either one can lead to a correct solution.

When it comes to learning, "no pain, no gain" is a misconception, Koedinger says. While a certain amount of struggling is normal, "pointless pain -- banging your head against the wall -- is a waste of time.

Without enough basic knowledge, his homework won't be up to par and learning as a whole will be slower.


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However, your goal should be to help less over time and move physically farther from where your child works. Laura Laing and her partner, Gina Foringer, make a point of staying out of the room where their daughter, Zoe, 11, does homework.

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Helping Your Child With Homework. PDF ( KB) en Español. Title Page. Foreword. Homework: A Concern for the Whole Family. The Basics. Why Do Teachers Assign Homework? Does Homework Help Children Learn? What's the Right Amount of Homework? How to Help: Show That You Think Education and Homework Are Important How to Help: Provide Guidance.

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Experts talk about how to help your child with homework -- without doing the work yourself. How to help your child organize and learn from homework.

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The sooner you intervene, the sooner you can help your child get back on track. When Kids Struggle With Homework. Consistent complaints about homework or ongoing struggles with assignments could indicate a problem. In some cases, kids simply need to learn and practice better study habits. Be sure your kids are writing down assignments correctly. Teach your child that studying is more than just doing homework assignments. One of the most misunderstood aspects of schoolwork is the difference between studying and doing homework assignments. Encourage your child to do things like.