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10+ English Report Writing Examples – PDF

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❶It must be feasible, action-oriented, and relevant to the discussion and conclusion of the report. Format any quotes you use, as well as your bibliography accordingly.

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It is hoped that after the motivational talk the students will be highly motivated to do their best in their upcoming examinations. You went on a trip to an Island with your classmate. You are asked to write a report on trip. Describe the island trip. Trip to Tioman Island. Students of class 3 Bestari went to a 3 days 2 nights trip to Tioman Island from 2 to 4 September Twenty students from the class joined the trip and was accompanied by two teachers.

The trip was organized so that students would be able to enjoy the natural beauty offered by this country. Besides, such trip was organized to strengthen the band between the classmates. During the trip, the students and teachers stayed at a chalet located on the beach. The next day after arriving on the island, the group went island hopping to the small islands surrounding Tioman Island. They also went snorkelling to see the corals and fish.

It was a fun and educational activity for everyone. They also played telematches on the beach and everybody had fun.

The night before heading back, the group had a barbecue on the beach. The entertainment was provided by the students who did some performances and skits. After the trip, the students got closer with each other. It is hoped that more students could join other trips in the future so that the bond between classmates can be strengthened.

Student of Class 3 Bestari,. Your school library organized a book reading campaign. As one of the school librarians, you are asked to write a report on the campaign. Describe the book campaign.

The campaign ran for the whole month of April and involved all of the students of the school. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage the students to read more. There were many activities offered during the campaign to draw the students to join the campaign. There were also a wide range of prizes that were given to the winners. One of the activities was a poster drawing competition where the theme was on reading.

There were also storytelling and story reading sessions held at the school library. The main activity of the campaign was getting stamps for each book that students read.

The student with the most number of stamps by the end of the campaign was given a prize. All in all, the campaign was a huge success as more students can be seen reading after the campaign. It is hoped that the reading culture will continue long after the campaign is over.

A flood occurred in your neighbourhood and you volunteered to help with the rescue mission. As a volunteer, you are asked to write a report on the rescue mission. Describe the details of the rescue mission. Flood Rescue Mission at Taman Fajar. On 7 July , Taman Fajar was hit by a flash flood. Stick with information gathered by known experts in the field you are researching, government agency websites, and scholarly journals.

Try to avoid forums and other sources that have no credible backing. For instance, if you are writing a report on Jane Goodall, a great source would be using the Jane Goodall Institute website. Keep track of all of the information you find. Write each source you use down on a flashcard. Come up with a thesis statement. Thesis statements are the main idea of your report. A thesis statement summarizes what you want to prove in your report for your reader. All of your subsequent topic sentences of body paragraphs should tie back into this thesis, so make sure that it is general enough to stand throughout your essay.

If you are simply reporting on a topic, create a thesis statement that does not contain any opinion-based information.

If you are creating a thesis that is meant to persuade someone about a topic, or that is meant to deeply analyze a topic, the thesis should contain an argument that you intend to prove in your essay. The three main halls of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition were filled with modern creations of the day and were an excellent representation of the innovative spirit of the Progressive era.

Example of a persuasive or analytic report thesis Thesis 2: The Panama-Pacific International Exposition was intended as a celebration of the Progressive spirit, but actually harbored a deep racism and principle of white supremacy that most visitors chose to ignore or celebrate. Outlines help you to visualize how your essay will look. Outlines can be straightforward lists, idea webs or concept maps. Begin with your thesis statement and then pick the three major ideas related to your thesis statement that you will want to cover in your essay.

Write down details about each main idea. Your main ideas should support your thesis. They should be the evidence that provides support to your argument.

Example main ideas for Thesis 1: Example main ideas for Thesis 2: Decide how you will format your report. The structure of your paper depends on your topic. If you are writing a report on a person, it would make the most sense to structure your report in chronological order. For Thesis 1, the report would be structured as a spatial guide to the fair--the report would discuss the main exhibits in each of the major buildings at the fair the Court of the Universe, the Court of the Four Seasons, and the Court of Abundance.

Your intro is where you introduce your topic and state your thesis. Your intro should be engaging but not corny--the goal should be to hook the reader so that they want to read the rest of your report.

You should provide some background information on your topic and then state your thesis so that the reader knows what the report is going to be about. When you are revising make sure you look at the first word in every sentence and try not to let any of them be repetitive. Example Intro for Thesis 1: The Panama-Pacific International Exposition PPIE of was intended to celebrate both the creation of the Panama Canal, and the technological advancements achieved at the turn of the century.

The three main halls of the PPIE were filled with modern creations of the day and were an excellent representation of the innovative spirit of the Progressive era. Write your body paragraphs. The body paragraphs are where you state your evidence that supports your thesis. Each body paragraph consists of a topic sentence and evidence supporting the topic sentence. The topic sentence introduces the main idea of the body paragraph and links the paragraph back to the thesis.

At the PPIE, the Court of the Universe was the heart of the exposition and represented the greatest achievements of man, as well as the meeting of the East and the West. Support your topic sentence.

After you write your topic sentence in the body paragraph, provide evidence found in your research that supports your topic sentence. This evidence can be descriptions of things mentioned in your topic sentence, quotes from experts on the subjects, or more information about the topic listed.

For the topic sentence listed above about the Court of the Universe, the body paragraph should go on to list the different exhibits found at the exhibit, as well as proving how the Court represented the meeting of the East and West.

For a report about a person, you would provide evidence that proved John Doe had a hard childhood and that his experiences led him to become the famous person he was. This paragraph both summarizes your thesis again, and provides your final thoughts on your topic. It should reiterate to the reader what the reader should be taking away from your report. Format any quotes you use, as well as your bibliography accordingly.

Try to follow your teacher's formatting instructions to the letter. If he or she made no formatting instructions, go with something clean and classic. Standard format for academic reports in the United States is point Times New Roman or Arial font, double-spaced lines, and 1-inch margins all around.

Does the point you are trying to make come across clearly? Main body of report - findings, description, facts, opinions, etc. This must be well structured. Appendices not always necessary - additional details, tables, graphs, detailed analysis. These must be numbered and cross referenced in the text. Glossary not always necessary -explanation of any specialist terms. Bibliography - references to any books, journals, etc. They should be arranged alphabetically by the author's name The reference should include:

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A Simple Guide to Report Writing A business report is a formal document. It should be concise, well organised, and easy to follow; using headings, sub-headings, sections.

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When writing a report, your aim should be to be absolutely clear. Above all, it should be easy to read and understand, even to someone with little knowledge of the subject area. You should therefore aim for crisp, precise text, using plain English, and shorter words rather than longer, with short sentences.

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This report writing format will make it easier for the reader to find what he is looking for. Remember to write all the sections in plain English, except the body, which can be as technical as you need it to be. Enhance your writing skills by learning all you need to know about effective English report writing through these simple tips and examples.

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Report writing requires formal writing skills to get done right. Here are some primers and PDF guidelines for all kinds of report writing for school and work. Jun 27,  · Writing a Report Introduction -In this chapter, you will be shown how to write a report. -For this type of composition, you are requi English Essays for KBSR (Paper 2).