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11 Best and Free Thesis Skins For Thesis Theme

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❶I hope sooner, this difficulty of mine will just go away.

Thesis 2.0 Theme Review

Thesis Tips by Chris and Missieur
Thesis Theme is my own Teacher!
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Installation instructions are provided in the respective skin download pages. Do let us know which of these Thesis skins you liked the most and which one is most likely you going to suggest to others?

Do share this collection of Thesis skins with your friends on Facebook and Google plus. These are quite interesting. These look good, though seen a few others too that are not here. So difficult to choose right one.

Thank you so much for sharing all this information I was still looking for theme that i will be able to use for my blog. Bust after reading your I guess I am finally there and looking at them that I ma ready to go for.. Looking for still some more information that will be of great help to all of us that are reading this blog post that you have shared for free.

I also recommend to to stick with Genesis or other theme instead of using thesis! I appreciate you feed back but I think there is something that is better when you look at these themes they are just so attractive and there is much news about then.

Instead use Genesis theme. I was really looking forward to FREE thesis skins. These are all membership sites to gain access to multiple skins. I am thinking of installing it Thesis on my site but wanted to play with a few skins and get used to it first. Sure that very interesting for me , I think that the download link for A Bright Idea has expired, will you please upload it to a different location to make it available for download?

I think that the download link for A Bright Idea has expired, will you pleas upload it to a different location to make it available for download? Hi Harsh, I am thinking to try straight shooter to test on one of my blog.

I just want to confirm whether its a good idea to have premium skin or free skin will do. What are the benefits of paid skins as compared to free one. Can you tell me which skin do you use? I guess you have covered all the available themes in blogosphere Harsh.

Blogussion is one of the best theme but it is not free. I know that you offer thesis customization. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Download latest version of Thesis Theme When you buy a Thesis basic license, you get access to classic Thesis skin. Naveen is from AP. He works in drug research by profession and likes to blog when he sneaks out some time from his busy job. He likes to learn and let the world know what he has learnt.

Besides, he is a very friendly and kind human by nature. Ok leaving everything out does Genesis have SEO setting as it is with these themes??? Will appreciate your feed back on this as we still look at making th right decision. How about using Thesis skin, quick Magazine for temporarily. I have Thesis and it came with 2.

Session expired Please log in again. Thanks for the review! Does anybody know if its possible at this point to purchase Thesis 1. I'd like to own both, 1. You are not actually purchasing version 2. You will be able to download both versions within your account though. Hello Hesham, Great review. I am currently in a fix between two themes, the Thesis with one of the custom skins OR this: I think you covered all the highlights of the new Thesis and I like how you gave us the point of view as a skin developer and as a blogger.

I know I plan on waiting and I was glad to hear that they will continue to develop the old version. Thanks for all the advice and I'll keep following your signals for when to go for it! Thanks for stopping by Ileane, I can tell that Thesis 2. My only consideration and that's why I recommend that every one shouldn't hurry up and do an upgrade is that 2. Thanks for your trust, I appreciate it. Thanks for writing this. It really helped me make a decision. I was really considering Thesis I'm currently a Headway user looking to try something else , but seeing that there's no documentation or tutorials yet, I can't do it.

Perhaps I'll wait a while. I may try Woo's Canvas, but not sure about that. Seems like there could be some limitations I might not like. Hi Lisa, Nice blog you have there. Whither you go with Thesis or Stick to Headway both are good frameworks , just make sure your theme has what you need.

Also, you may consider try them out first, then go with the one that you think is best for your business, investing time at this point before making final decision is a good idea. Thanks for the thoughtful review! I am a true newbie who bought thesis 2 based on pre release reviews and the track record of 1. While I know- I know very little about getting this thing up and running I was more than relieved to find out that the lack of info out there was not because I couldn't find it - it just was not there!

I have also felt encouraged that this program will give me the flexabtility to create an commerce site.

Us non-tecky newbies and those who help us should not fear having to learn a few things which will give us much greater freedom and control of our sites down the road. There are lots of "! I will have to wait for some helpful documentation before I can do much with the program but I feel optimistic that it may just be what I was looking for! Thanks for your valuable comments and the discussion! I like everything I see.

As eager as I am to jump in, I will hang back and follow your lead hishaman. Just keep a healthy discussion going so that we can all get up to speed as soon as possible! Ok so a couple of points from the comments. Trust me once you get it, it is simply an amazing theme, boxes and packages are on there way, I already made one and more to come, my feature box on my site will be turned in to a box with skins.

Skins for themes are coming too. Patience I say, the docs are coming too, people demanded its release, so it was released, its new, its different, its brilliant, devs are working on it hard to produce tonnes of content in terms of tutorials, boxes skins ect. Give it a few weeks and there will be loads of stuff out there for you to choose. I also am using your author box, i think it was you that created it. I modified the css a little though and remove the stylesheet from the contructor, moving it to a package to maintain the single css for thesis.

I was pumped to see a new version out because all the previous ones had new features but this one blew my mind. Wayyyyy too different with 0 documentation, 0 videos, 0 training. I'm an experienced average user and their new skin editor makes about 0 sense without a follow along. I still like the product but this was a failure of a launch.

I'm sure others are struggling with the problem of refusing to try and stick with 1. What if they planned the launch this way? Just found this work around to convince myself! Thanks for helping to shed some light on how to use the new Thesis Hesham - as you point out there is precious little out there to help right now! I am testing it on a secondary site of mine; I have to say it's not intuitive but let's see how we get on as we get our heads around it in the coming weeks and months.

Certainly I won't be moving my main site off Thesis 1. Hopefully their evident faith in this version will prove justified - I do get the sense that some of the new features should be pretty powerful, even if I don't understand exactly how yet! Hi Hesham, thanks for the honest opinion. To add from me As far as the boxes are concerned , here is one http: Nice one Serge, keep them coming!

One thing that I like, you don't need to create an option page any more ;. Tnx Hesham bro for your honest review.. But to be honest it seemed me very complicated. I have been experimenting and trying to work it out from last couple of days. I think I've to spend few more days to understand it batter. We're expecting soon you thesisawosome skins will be available for version 2.

Every new tool looks complicated at the beginning, then latter it will be your best! I had to to remove your luv link, sorry mate but you guys are good at predicting the future faster than it should be! Choice depends upon you whether you will keep the luv link or not no problem mate and as fare as prediction is concerned you can say that: I love Thesis, but 2 is just hard to handle. Sadly, I don't have hours to spend trying to get a sense of the theme. Something I can get up and running in a couple of hours, max.

I've gone back to 1. Luckily Thesis saved all my settings. Although I'm disappointed, I hope that once developers create some skins etc we'll have a solution for people who don't want to build their own theme I hear you Angela, But, trust me.. It's only a few days from now a week max and the skinning math will be solved! I tested this out on one of my demo sites and I have to say - garbage.

This one is a mess. They should have built on the strengths of the old framework. I got it for free since I was a customer but it's just going to lay on the shelf. Maybe StudioPress can take advantage of this fail and do a better version of Genesis. Let's see what you will think of it in a couple of weeks from now: Thanks for the review Hesham. From what I know, thesis 1. It doesn't allow Yoast to control the titles and other settings once its installed, unlike a few other frameworks which gracefully give up their built in SEO settings Woothemes and Genesis are two of them.

Would appreciate it if you could shed some light on Thesis 2. Thesis founder won't give up the SEO part of thesis for any plugin. I did a quick test before replying to you, and things are still the same. So, you will end up having a little of conflict or let's say duplication in the site meta, but I hope I explained it well.

Even here on FamousBloggers. Thanks a lot for the answer Hesham! Useful when I want to move from Thesis to another theme in the future.

There are also some features in the Yoast plugin that Thesis doesn't have. Would you know how to hack Thesis 1. Pearson said it was easy to do: I'm a Thesis fan, except for the SEO part.

You don't need to hack anything, really! I've used it once, and it worked great. However, I recommend you do some testing before you actually run it on your production site. Thanks for the reply Hesham! What I'm actually asking is what code to edit or remove in header. If you see the tweet I linked in my previous reply, there was some discussion on what filter to edit. This solves the duplicate meta problems I didn't sleep well for the last week or so: I won't hack any core files of a plugin or a theme, I would go with the second option which is not to use the custom fields!

But, I know you've already used them, so I will simply delete them, how? Using a plugin like Delete Custom Fields. Then in the drop list choose each Thesis SEO custom files and simply delete them: Again, I've tested the plugin and it works fine, but again..

Honestly, I played around with Thesis 2. There's NO WAY that newbies and novices will ever be able to wrap their head around classes, ids, selectors, packages, boxes, etc. It's SO much work just to get very basic things done. And in their rush to release it, the lack of solid documentation is just terrible. It used to be much easier to change basic CSS for things like fonts, backgrounds, etc. Then they charge more money for each client site! I think Catalyst is leaps and bounds beyond Thesis 2.

Then there's Pagelines, Headway and Genesis to name a few others. It's a shame that people just keep parroting "Thesis, Thesis, Thesis" no matter how much they fail to keep up with other frameworks. They're the Basecamp of theme frameworks, in my opinion. They were outdated with a pretty unappealing backend and missing features that competitors had, then after a long wait, they come out with a half-baked product, while others were creating competitive - and often times more complete - solutions ApolloHQ, TeamworkPM, DeskAway, Do.

It's a shame, really. Unless I'm missing something, or the version I'm using isn't quite complete, I won't even bother trying to figure this mess out. Doesn't look intuitive or the least bit enjoyable. You already can't really migrate or export, so you might as well check out some of the competition. The guys over at Catalyst are super helpful and are always striving to improve.

Ultimatum is pretty new, but the developer has included some really neat features. Heck, even RocketTheme would be a better choice, in my opinion. They allow so much flexibility and customization, with way better documentation.

Sorry to be so down on Thesis, but I figured I'd give people some info on alternatives, in case they'd focused so much on Thesis that they lost sight of other options. Nick, Thank you so much for this lengthy post. I am in the middle of choosing a WordPress framework for a web design business and Thesis was one of my top choices.

There is no way I can choose Thesis with it being as confusing as you said. What would you recommend for the complete Internet idiot for a solid framework? I do plan on doing basic configuration all the way to full configuration depending on the tier the customer selects. I'm leaning towards Genesis because of the wealth of child themes.

I'd be interested to hear what you'd pick and why? On the forums i see people with zero coding experience giving it a shot, after a few hours or a few days playing around they got it and love it. I see apparent devs on here bitching saying it's too hard, I mean come on, it took me less than hour to get to grips with, I dont expect the average person to do the same, but for devs it should be simple, just like when new versions of css, html ect come out everyone moans, instead of getting stuck in to something new and staying on top.

Headway - unstable if modified, cant optimize efficiently due to functions breaking it you so much as breath to hard on it. Genesis, slow sluggish, too much code behind the scenes. Again difficult to optimize, makes use of the dreaded timthumb script. I have optimize pretty much every theme variation you can think of, thats what i do, that my main line of work.

There is no better theme out there for optimizing a site for the big wide world of the web. Just to clarify, i mean optimize in the sense of efficiency, page size, speed and overall control over scripts. Nick, First of thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I totally agree with you that it's confusing, but what can I say?! I remember most of people hated to wait, they were complaining a lot including myself that there is no updates, now and after 2.

But trust me on this, Thesis 2. I've released a new Skin for Thesis 2. No documentation, No help! It's a proof that Thesis wasn't that hard to learn. And, by the way, I was working on a plugin that has some of the functionality of Thesis 2.

No one including me will need it, especially that Thesis 2. Looking forward to see good documentation and updates from DIYThemes in the few coming days, and I hope it will change your mind and you start liking it again.

And thanks again for sharing your thoughts and opinion. Really appreciate the amazing advice. Any updates on Thesis 2. When you say don't upgrade, do you mean using the plug in?

Although I'm running v1. And yes, I am not worried about learning on this site. It's damaged at the moment and needs fixing anyway I figure its better to fix in v2. I'm not afraid to start over, either. But I am running on this site so Thanks for the advice and great review. Using the plugin dosen't upgrade anything! Actully the plugin was removed totally from DiyThemes. However, the upgrade is not imposible, it's a matter of time and some work, all depends on your old customization, and whither you want to move it to 2.

Yes, deal with Thesis 2. Thesis is an awesome and most seo friendly theme as far as i know. Although i am using the older version but i'll upgrade it to newer one as i have read this post of yours.

This was a great review, and I have to say big Kudos on being the first review out there from someone who had actually used it.. Has to be said it took me a while to completely understand Thesis 2. Whilst I am sure there will be many bugs in this first release of version 2, I am really excited by the additional potential this can give. I would recommend that you start with the thesis 1.

Whilst some aspects are a bit complicated and you need I think at the moment to have some understanding of CSS at least in terms of what different attributes mean, this really does have the potential to be the most flexible theme out there. I am really looking forward to seeing what some of the skin developers like Themedy and others get up to. Incidentally BryanThompson you set the WP menu you want inside the various templates, so it bypasses the theme locations.

Hi Justin, Thesis 2. People didn't understand what Headway was all about, and what made it worse if there were no documentation from any type. The same thing happended with Thesis 2. Thask for stopping by. I spent some time playing around with it and absolutely love this new thing.

I totally agree with Puneet, I am having a hard time because there is no documentation! But, I totally like the idea of the visual editor, and I think it will create a new dimention for developers and designers! I appreciate if you add this one to your Thesis 2. Because of caching I couldn't reply back to you the other day. I have added your post to my list of resources: I'm very disappointed with how this product was launched.

I was expecting more from guys like Pearson and in particular Derek Halpern. Maybe it was planned this way since the beginning, and everything it going according the plan ;.

Hey say if i use Thesis 2. You don't have to remove it, I think you ca continue using your SEO plugin with no issues! But what would you advice? It depends, if you have a big website, then stick with what you already have, if you are starting and want to get your SEO served from one place "Thesis", then do the change right now! Trying it on a test site and I really don't get it. I've been with Thesis for years, but I think I'll wait before installing on any live sites.

It really needs a tutorial and a few example modules to play around with. Agree that this is not an upgrade: Hi Dave, I hear you I see some tutorials start coming, I actually did one quick tut that may help someone to understand how to create custom templates. I hope more will soon this week! Great Insight info Hesham, i am using Blog skins so anyway i will be waiting for you to release your updates for that.

But it seems as if there are more cons than pros. It is great review and I absolutely agree with all the points you mention. First i really don't understand why i will need to arrange the Head Section of my blog. It has nothing to do with designing of the blog. How to upgrade from 1. I don't have any idea. We need a tutorial from Thesis developers so that we can upgrade without loosing any part of the current design. We will have to spend hours to learn how to use thesis 2. Chris has released this theme in very hurry but just launching the new version is not going to make thesis 2.

They think it is a new theme with some great features, but how the end user's are going to benefit from its features. We don't know yet. No one has any clue about how to actually use the theme. It looks very complicated.

I hope Chris and his team will resolve all these queries as soon as possible. Hi Bilal, I keep thinking about it, but ca't figure out why the "arrange your head section" option, but then I tell mysel, there must be something, every feature should be made for a good reason, so let's see what is it all about, I hope they mentione it in the documentation. There is no straight forward way to upgrade betwen 1.

I don't want to bak to school, specially these days: I know that Chris and the DiyThemes. Actually this plays a role, basically some boxes can be created to target the head. Next point, it is also very easy to order styles and scripts, so in my case my style sheet is at the very top, because according to studies this helps render the page quicker, and my own testing confirms this, You could create a box that targets the head for say adding Iphone meta information, at the end of the day its about choice, I had the choice to move my css to the top, which I always do, but now it takes 2 seconds not 5 minutes or more digging through my templates or creating functions to move it around.

No doubt it's way fixable than any other framework in the market! I appreciate the review. The last thing I need is to go down a rabbit hole of frustrations. You've convinced me more than ever to hang on the sideline, let them figure some items out, let users point out solve improvement needs, and I continue to create content, not futz with conflicts.

Plus, I can not even find where to download 2. A wise man said, "If you want to play on the cutting edge, be prepared to bleed". You see, if you are a busy guy, then let it go, and stay away from it If you have some free time, then play with Thesis 2.

I think the diythemes. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You are focused on details that irritates you. I was very critical about the whole fuzz around 2. It's not exactly Microsoft, Apple or Adobe releasing something, so as the small company they are I personally give them a lot more slack on things as tutorials etc. I think the whole new product has indeed enormous flexibility in setting up sites, and you can come very far without coding. First promise of Chris I know that actually seem to be met.

When I tested Thesis 2. But then, my reaction was, OMG, Why? Not going to use it on my blogs. Let's see what will happen latter, give it some time and when new skins start dripping, I think you will change your mind:

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Well, it's been 2 months since Thesis theme is dropped. Thesis is a robust drag & drop theme framework that comes with a nice set of features.

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Today a brand new Thesis WordPress Theme launched, and we've only been waiting for it for the past 2 years or so! It was well worth the wait!

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Thesis Theme Review: Why I Give it 3 out of 5. January 30, Update: The new version of Thesis has been released, Check out my Thesis review.[/box] Thesis Theme is my own Teacher! Tnks for your review of the Thesis Theme Firstly,I have used Thesis for 3 years.I have learnt a tremendous amount as I was a total newbie to . In the new Thesis using the Thesis classic skin we show how to create and style a 2 column layout – part 3 of this Thesis video tutorial series.

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Thesis is so much more than just a theme. With the release of , Thesis is now more of a template engine that will allow you to build your own designs from scratch. No longer are you starting with the base Thesis design then overriding HTML and CSS to get your preferred design. Next Theme Review. Hi Justin, Thesis reminds me with the Headway theme when they first launched and recived unexpected anger wave from their members! People didn't understand what Headway was all about, and what made it worse if .