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Writing a Capstone Project

What does a Capstone Involves?

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Rules For Writing a Great Capstone Project
What Is a Capstone Project?

The topic should be of practical and scientific use, and the results of your research must contribute to the knowledge of this topic. Is English your native language? What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other. Academic Assignment Writing an Essay.

Writing a Research Paper. Writing Guides for Students Writing a Memoir 2. Creative Writing Guides Writing a Song 3. Writing a Letter Writing an Evaluation Letter 3. Steps for Writing a Capstone Project Think back to the beginning of your freshman year and make a list of all the papers and essays you wrote, projects you presented, exams and courses you took.

Flesh out the list by writing a brief description of each examination, quiz, test, essay, and paper. Understand that a capstone project is similar to a research paper.

Seek out the research papers you have already done and keep them handy. Choose a topic and get it approved by your instructor: Collect a solid number of up-to-date references in the form of books, articles, journal entries, websites, and other scholarly material. Set aside a generous period of time to do necessary reading: Take notes and start to draft the capstone project using revised material with a fresh slant and taking new perspectives on covered ground.

Write the conclusion and the introduction last: In academics a capstone plays the same role: Before you proceed, it is important to identify the requirements for the project.

You may be assigned a mentor for your work. Discuss all the necessary details, such as the deadline, the working schedule, the type of notification e-mail, in person, etc and share your ideas for the topic. Sometimes professors give you a list of topics, but you can also come up with your own topic. Write about something, which is really interesting to you, as capstone project is time-consuming and requires profound research, you should be passionate about what you are doing.

Usually, there are certain requirements to the capstone essay formatting on the website of the university. In case there is none, we offer you the most common ones:. As long as you have a topic in your disposal, the next major step is formulation of a thesis statement.

It is vitally important to make it clear and precise. Continuing with architecture references, the thesis is a foundation, the base, on the top of which you are going to build the whole project.

As you refreshed the material in your head, you have an approximate idea of what to write about, so make a plan draft. Reading through the literature before actually proceed to writing will help you outline the target points of work and clarify what materials you lack. You are getting a degree in psychology, so you write a capstone project about Albert Ellis's "Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy" and best practices in relationship counseling.

You get the idea, right? It's just as easy to write about addiction and best practices in relationship counseling, or about relationships and best practices in addiction counseling, or Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy and addiction. It will always be interesting if you put two topics together.

If you don't find anything, try a Google search. If you still don't find anything, that's great because it means you are comparing two concepts that no one else has compared. That's great, and maybe it can be your topic. If you do find an article that compares your two concepts, check to see if it is interesting and if you understand it.

If you like this article, use it as your starting point for the capstone project. Write a few paragraphs about the most important ideas in that article. Then look for other articles about your two topics. Write a paragraph about each article, and gather all the information as a cluster of paragraphs in your word document. Cite the author in parentheses every time you write a paragraph about an article. Now check your capstone requirements and grading criteria, and write an introduction that includes a summary of what will be included in the project.

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The unique aspect of a capstone project is that it must propose and solve a distinctive problem. Steps for Writing a Capstone Project. Think back to the beginning of your freshman year and make a list of all the papers and essays you wrote, projects you presented, exams and courses you took.

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After this "capstone project," maybe you'll write a thesis paper and get a degree called "master" (as though you are a Jedi Master from Star Wars), and then you can write a doctoral dissertation and everybody will have to call you "Doctor".

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What is a Capstone Project? What capstone project is exactly nobody knows. The reason is its versatility. If you are doing your final year of studying at college or university, you will definitely have to write . time to write and edit and continue to write and edit until the final work is presented in a clear, understandable, and organized format that follows APA current standards and .