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Graduate Nursing School Essay | NYU Personal Statement

custom admission essay nurse practitioner program

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During my career I have performed in many different roles, including patient care technician, new graduate nurse, staff nurse, triage nurse, preceptor and mentor for students and new employees, and even the role of charge nurse. The challenges of working in a high volume emergency department, caring for a diverse and complex patient population have been abundant.

Emergency nursing is my passion and I am driven by the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and nursing practice. The independence and autonomy required to provide high complexity care is crucial in an emergency setting and these traits are what draw me to the role of a nurse practitioner.

My experiences as an emergency room nurse have enhanced my knowledge and ability to manage and care for critically acute, as well as chronically ill patients varying in ages from infant to elderly, with different cultural and religious backgrounds. My professional goal is to use my studies and skills to become the most competent clinician I can be, while maintaining one of the most important qualities, compassion.

Becoming a nurse practitioner who treats the whole person and not just a medical condition is very important to me. The diversity of the emergency room has taught me that providing excellent care is much more complex than treating an illness.

Each patient has unique needs and the ability of the healthcare provider to tailor their approach in assessing and treating each patient is crucial in providing optimal care. Follow through is an aspect of nursing that I look forward to in the role of nurse practitioner, as the setting I currently work does not often allow for this.

In the emergency room, we stabilize patients and then they are moved to another department or unit; we infrequently know the final outcome or see the end result of our care.

Building on existing skills and the opportunity to implement new ones, such as this, to better serve and assist the same patient population is what pushes me to continue my education in nursing. I thrive in situations that are challenging and intense, which the nurse practitioner program will prove to be. The lifelong reward of a career that has meaning and value to me is worth the sacrifices. I am confident with my experience, the skills I have developed and the challenges I have faced, not only in my career but in life, I am capable of succeeding in almost any situation and I look forward to the challenges and success of becoming a nurse practitioner.

Nurse Practioner Admission Essay. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Nurse Practioner Admission Essay specifically for you. Equally important, while promoting health, I am also promoting the profession of nursing. As the number of nurse-owned businesses grows, so does the scope of possibility for potential nursing students and new nurses. Furthermore, nurse practitioners are becoming the doctors of tomorrow in the midst of a general physician shortage.

They are taking over many of the functions of MDs and this will lend more respect to nursing. Also, astute, savvy and poised nurses in the media will begin to eliminate old stereotypes.

I have an established record of excellence and will continue to challenge myself at New York University. The process of further education will profoundly impact my life as a nurse practitioner and I will make a significant contribution to my patients, my family, the community, and to the profession. I am fortunate to have a solid foundation from which to build and a promising future doing something that I love. I am truly grateful for my relationship with nursing and the opportunity to grow within it.

NYU was the springboard for many of these accomplishments and I am graduating in May with no regrets. My program is ranked 2 in the U. We are a health and wellness website, but to see more of our behind-the-scenes nursing posts, click HERE. You certainly are a pioneer in the field.

And your work is your gift to others. I love how you walk your talk and also really enjoyed the title of the post- about nursing being a relationship. Great job and congratulations on your many, many accomplishments. You should be very VERY proud of yourself!! Thanks for sharing this resource with others looking to advance their careers. As you know, I work with nurses and nursing students with disabilities. Many struggle with what to say on an essay or personal statement.

I will be sharing this with our non profit groups on http: You are doing wonderful things for a special niche in nursing and I hope this helps someone! I appreciate your comment. What a well-written and inspiring essay, Gail! I love how you are role modeling and paving the way for nurse leaders and health care itself! I wrote the essay with the intention that it would become reality.

Gail, I learn more and more each day all the possibilities there are in the field of nursing. I really enjoyed reading your essay and love how you have turned your entrepreneur mind and focused on health promotion. I have NP school on my radar and plan to apply to a school in October!

Thanks for sharing this! Thank you, Kelly, for the kind comment. Come write for us so you can boost your grad school resume! Not like you need it, though. Reading your essay and other writings on your blog has truly inspired me, and given me relevant ideas about writing my essay.

For example, I too am the only person in my family to obtain any education after high school, and, I too worked and paid my way as well. Frankly, before viewing your blog I was so discouraged and anxious about my essay that I could not think of anything interesting to say. What I had mainly written was about how long I have been a nurse—twenty one years—and the rest was blah in my opinion.

Please keep posting, you are performing a great duty! Gail, All I can say is that I am jealous of you, envious of you, looking up to you, inspired by you and want to be like you.

Applying to the FNP program is daunting and I am haunted daily by not being accepted due to my lack of experience in hospitals. How can I convince them that I am a great candidate for the FNP program when the bulk of their essay question asks for how my experiences prepare me to be an FNP? My colleague wrote her essay to get into Case Western about the subject of golf.

She was her state champion in high school and believed that parallels could be drawn between her golf experience and the worlds of nursing and healthcare. You can pick anything you are good at and write about how those traits will compliment your nursing practice or impact the profession. My golf-loving colleague was accepted into Case Western and graduated with honors. She is now a nurse practitioner at the Cleveland Clinic.

So, you see, you can write about almost anything as long as you highlight your passion.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Nurse Practioner Admission Essay specifically for you which the nurse practitioner program will prove to be. The lifelong reward of a career that has meaning and value to me is worth the sacrifices. We will write a custom essay sample on Nurse Practioner Admission Essay specifically for you. for.

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The following essay was submitted for admission to the full-time Adult and Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Nurse, Master’s of Science Degree program at NYU for the Fall of .

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The nurse practitioner is managed by standards in collaboration with the supervising Physician. The advanced practice nurse, is first and foremost a nurse. This role carries life experiences from hospital to clinical settings. Admission Essay to CRNA program and the . Application of Adult Nurse Practitioner Program – Essay Sample During my first year of undergraduate study at ABC University, a professor shared with me an interesting – and oddly grammatical – philosophy.