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Crisis Management Essay

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❶According to latest news stories from the Indonesian island, about 67, residents have already been evacuated, with tens of thousands more on alert Tambini, A contingency plan has to stipulate who will perform what activities, so that there is no confusion about that issue during a crisis.


Its one of the programs affiliated with TsunamiReady. It was created in Oklahoma USA in Its main goal is to assist communities increase safety and communication skills. These two skills are important before, during and after a crisis. StormReady assists those responsible for community wellbeing to reinforce local safety programs through more education and awareness and better planning.

Interagency coordination According University of Defense The University of Defense Interagency coordination also assists maximize efforts and avoid redundancy. When each agency concentrates on one area, another takes a different route and more service and help is offered to those in need. Government role in a crisis Haddow et al , p.

One of the best things the government can do is grant funding that will facilitate smooth running of emergency management services. Paramount in crisis management is education of its citizens, coordination of evacuation procedures and funding for recovery efforts.

It is not easy to know the best way to respond to a threat when one does not know the nature of the threat. If a threat is from weather, the citizens need to know all the aspects that are involved and how to respond.

Education should aim to educate those who are especially vulnerable. For tsunami, all those on the front shores, coastlines, or are involved in marine life should be well educated as to proper response incase of a crisis. According to Haddow et al , p. They should ensure continuous education and that the local population is well knowledgeable on the crisis that are most likely to affect them and they are able to respond in an effective way incase of a crisis.

Practice should be used so that all members of a family, for example, know what to do incase of a crisis. The government should also ensure effective communication before, during and after a crisis.

That way, it is able to give warning in time, communicate evacuation routes, assist with information during evacuation and offer necessary services in any aftermath. Some of the services that the government can offer during a crisis proposed by Haddow et al , p. The role of media in a crisis. The media tends to provide information fast. Due to modern technology, the media is able to relay information widely too. During the tsunami crisis, the local media coverage drew attention to what was happening.

Although the tsunami was not expected, media worldwide was able to communicate the disaster and rescue missions were launched.

This was one instance where the media really played a crucial role in dispensing information. Sommers et al , p. It is argued that sometimes also becomes directly involved in the events as happened in New Orleans during the disaster.

However, media can be discriminatory in its coverage. Even as media was creating tremendous awareness on the situation, its response was considered sluggish.

This has been cited as what happened during hurricane Katrina where there was undue focus was on crime happening. Public perception during a crisis Public perception in crisis is largely influenced by information that the public receives. This is because in most cases the public is far from firsthand information.

If they receive erroneous information from the media or government, they will respond according to that. In the age of free media where overload of information seems like the norm, the role of responsible media coverage can not be over emphasized in the formation of healthy public perception. While crisis are hard to deal with, the media can find itself pressured to create scapegoats when the public wants to allocate blame.

In the case of tsunami many reports especially on the Internet tried to blame the victims, global warming, western countries and even God. It can sometimes feel easier to blame victims for what happens to reduce feelings of vulnerability in the general population as Sommers et al noted The process of crisis management is not over until those affected are able to continue with their economic, social and productive life.

According to research by Gartner , p. Post crisis recovery strategies need to be in place before the disaster for best effect.

It is necessary to set recovery objectives. Gartner cites one of the most important post recovery strategies as recovery of data and critical technology. Loss of information is one of the hindrances to quick recovery. For example, businesses find it important to have human resource information so that it can facilitate services to its employees, for example, as they claim benefits. Another strategy is government funding and dispensation of emergency funds. Finances play a big part in the recovery process especially in rebuilding.

Finances also facilitate businesses to begin their functions and rebuilding of communities can begin. Prevention, Preparation and Provision as benchmarks for assessment purposes. According to Mrs Teeroovengadum, this appellation describes more likely crisis, which have a high risk of occurrence. Hence, at Shell, they consider this concept as being more focussed. However, as Ashcroft stated: Whatever be the appellation, SML, does consider these probabilities.

As a matter of fact, at SML, they have a crisis plan as to how to deal with any crisis situation or any major issue that may crop up. Rather, it is reviewed each year to cater for unexpected changes. At SML, a crisis team has devised this particular crisis plan, which focuses more on issues management. Furthermore, all team members know specifically what their roles should be in such situations. In fact, each department has a plan, as to how to deal with a crisis situation, which is fully aligned and integrated with the overall crisis plan.

At SML, quite interestingly, not all cases related to the oil industry have direct repercussions for the Mauritius branch. For instance, major oil spills happening will not have so much impact on the local company, though publics may ask certain questions. Even, if a major international affair occurs in Mauritius, this becomes a Group issue, i. It is the government through the State Trading Corporation that imports this product, and so it is not an issue for the company.

Nevertheless examples of probable cases, as given by Mrs Teeroovengadum, that may affect SML are for instance, say, a Jet Al Lorry has an accident or there is the explosion of a gas cylinder while moving from depot to the airport. If ever, such likely issues are to occur in reality, well, SML is prepared to face the ordeal. In this connection, they have set down plans on how people should deal with it, i. Prevention The prevention procedure should be based on trying to anticipate what could go wrong.

The two lists under the appellations of crisis management more unlikely issues and issues management likely cases devised at SML, caters for this prevention aspect.

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The Importance Of Crisis Management Plans Management Essay In light of increased technological advancement coupled with increased environmental concerns, organisational crisis management has become an interesting field of study particularly in the energy sector.

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Keywords: crisis management essay, crisis management analysis A crisis is an abnormal situation, or even perception, which is beyond the scope of everyday business and which threatens the operation, safety and reputation of an organisation.

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Aug 01,  · Crisis management Once a crisis happens in an organization, the nature of the activities undertaken to respond to a major threat to the organization . - Gender and Rescue services in Crisis Management research Research on crisis often discusses decision making in crisis and have been developed by scholars in political science like Hermann () Allison () George () and Vertzberg ().

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Crisis management is easily becoming a concern and priority because of the needs of the modern world. More than ever, there is advancement in technology. Technology can be used to assist prepare for crisis and to make them more manageable. Man made crisis can arise from disasters created by human activity like bombs or war equipment. Mar 29,  · Essay on Crisis Management This particular section will assess the role of Shell’s PR practitioner as a crisis manager. In the first part, we will consider the perception of this aspect at SML, how it is dealt with and then we will use the 3Ps: Prevention, Preparation and Provision as benchmarks for assessment purposes.