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David Williamson’s The Club: Summary, Theme, Analysis

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Complete Dialogue Essay On David Williamson "The Club" and Bruce Dawe "Weapons Traini

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On the outer surface, David Williamson’s ‘The Club’ is an intriguing and humorous play about the power-plays within a Melbourne football club. But when delved in more deeply, it can be seen that this seemingly simple Australian comedy is a serious indictment of our life .

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In his play The Club, David Williamson presents numerous Australian attitudes of the s. However, many of these attitudes are still relevant and fairly accurate representations of Australian attitudes in the s, although some of course have changed somewhat over the time since the play was written nearly twenty years ago.

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The Club (), written by David Williamson, is a satirical play that follows the fortunes and misfortunes of a football club over the course of the season. David Williamson cleverly integrates the realistic portrayal of characters and dialogue into the play in order to effectively provide the reader with an insight into the power and politics of sport and the commoditisation of players. Sample Essay. The differentiations between characters can frequently be revealed by the author by means of dialogue. David Williamson in his well known book namely The Club uses dialogue in a rather very efficient manner to show the diverse individualities and needs of the characters.

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English Essay- David Williamsons “The Club” In the book “The Club”, composed by David Williamson, communicates information and ideas in relation to issues within a sporting society, in particular football. These issues include: tradition and loyalty, Commercialisation, and sexism. Below is an essay on "The Club by David Williamson" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The power issues in The Club by David Williamson are shown throughout the play.