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Four Different Types of Services | Banking

1. Advancing of Loans

❶Financial services include new services which were launched by different financial institution with time. Today's banks are much more than just a place to park your savings and take out a loan to buy a house or car.

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What Services Does the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Provide?
2. Overdraft

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The list of services provided by the bank, agency

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A bank’s job is to provide customers with financial services that help people better manage their lives. As technology advances and competition increases, banks are offering different types of services to stay current and attract customers.

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Dec 01,  · These services distinguish banking services from banking services like investment banking, commercial banking, etc. In some cases Investment banks, commercial banks or large banks persevere department of business relationship with retail customers as well/5(8).

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Dec 01,  · What are the Different Types of Financial Services Provided by Banks 1 Economic services provided by bank are known as finance services to a broad range of businesses entities including insurance companies, credit card companies, credit unions companies, personal finance, stock brokerages, investment, accountancy, government companies and many more enterprises/5(23). 8. Bank Guarantee. Customers are provided the facility of bank guarantee by modern commercial banks. When customers have to deposit certain fund in governmental offices or courts for a specific purpose, a bank can present itself as the guarantee for the customer, instead of depositing fund by customers. 9. Remittance of Funds. Banks help their customers in transferring funds from one place to another .

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Banks are nowadays offering different new services to attract more customers and grow their business. The other services offered by the Banks are increasing very fast and now accounts for a large portion of their income. Commercial banks commonly provide checking accounts, savings accounts and various types of loans. Some of their services may overlap with those of investment banks, which focus on speculative transactions such as buying and selling stock. A commercial bank's main purpose is as a safe place of.