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❶Summer , Limit interviews to about one to two hours in length, depending on the fatigue levels of you and your interviewee.

Frederick Fennel created the Eastman Wind Ensemble in that year. For this ensemble Fennel created an entirely new instrumentation, which used the instruments that were normally found in symphonic bands or concert bands. However, unlike these bands, Fennel made each section playable by only one person, instead of an entire group. In this arrangement, every player has the chance to play solos and therefore have a greater challenge.

Fennel worked hard on getting composers to write music for this arrangement. Composers would write music for it that was much like the winds and percussion section of an orchestra, but with added instruments like the saxophone and euphonium. One of the only composers that wrote music for bands was Sousa, who composed march pieces. Other than marches, most music played at band concerts was transcribed from…… [Read More].

Oral Health A Community Health. Moreover, nurses are in a position to identify cases of poor oral health among patients visiting the primary care unit of a healthcare center. For this reason, Kaylor et al. They identify that nurses can work with low-income women in the community and educate the population on oral health. The review of literature advocates that oral health can be improved in the community by mobilizing community resources like local government, healthcare providers, and primary care providers like nurses in educating the population on the importance of oral health.

This is through making contact with at risk populations in the healthcare set up and providing education on oral health. Nurses also can reach out to at risk populations through community-based programs that promote public health. History of Women in Law. Adler One of the key issues that had to be overcome was the concern about women policemen on patrol.

In "Indianapolis sent two women out on patrol Slavery in American History Specifically. Slavery was an institution, and as such, it had become outmoded in modern society of the time. Elkins feels slavery could have been viewed less emotionally and more realistically as an institution, rather than an ethical or moral dilemma, and this is one of the most important arguments in his book, which sets the stage for the rest of his writing. In his arguments for his theses, Elkins continues, "To the Northern reformer, every other concrete fact concerning slavery was dwarfed by its character as a moral evil - as an obscenity condemned of God and universally offensive to humanity" Elkins, , p.

Slavery was a moral evil, and it is still seen as such. Elkins indicates society was becoming disillusioned with it at the time at least Northern society , and that the institution needed to change or disappear. Another of the important points Elkins attempts to make…… [Read More]. African-Americans History and Culture the False and. African-Americans History And Culture The false and misleading notion that "African-Americans created themselves" completely ignores and invalidates the rich history of those whose ancestry lies in the great African continent.

While African-Americans have adopted and incorporated many cultures into their own not unlike any other cultural group in America that in no way signifies that African-American's have no culture or history of their own. Schomburg, with both African and Puerto ican ancestry went on to become a great historian and curator of African-American history; helping to dispel the very "truth" that his teacher tried to feed him about his own history and culture many years prior.

The statement that "African-Americans created themselves" simply means that the Black American is devoid of history and a culture to call…… [Read More].

Knight in History by Frances Gies. Specifically, it will explain the author's purpose and main points in writing the book. These larger than life figures have been romanticized in hundreds of films and books, but Gies attempts to show readers what they really were like, and how the reality differed from the romantic notions of gallant knights in armor roaming the countryside on their trusty steeds. The role of knight was vital in medieval history, Gies' book shows the reader exactly why, and why their role in society should not be ignored.

Author Frances Gies, a respected historian, wrote this book as a chronicle of knighthood and chivalry at a time when there were not many resources available on the realities of knights and their role in…… [Read More].

Family or a Business History. This stated, "Black Kings brothers must join as one to resist the oppression that faces all black youth. One of the most interesting facets of Venhatesh and Levitt's research is their unique access to the financial records of the Black Kings, for four years. This research positions gangs beyond simple criminal actors and instead sees them as outlaw corporatists.

Furthermore, credit is given to the complexities of Chicago's street gangs. These are not only the loosely connected groups of hooligans often associated with gangs, but instead these are well-run, highly organized groups that are excellent examples of the changes that were being made in American businesses.

Hierarchical administration, rational management procedures, and increased attention to revenues and profit margins shed light on the modern street…… [Read More].

Galveston a History by David G Mccomb. A History by David G. McComb The book Galveston: A History is both a detailed chronological and thematic analysis, of the four-century-old history, mainly from a technological perspective, of Galveston, Texas. Its author, David G. The thesis of the book is that, throughout the history of Galveston, including its key natural and technological events, e. Further, the history of Galveston proves that technology and humanity cannot circumvent the awesome power of nature.

Although Galveston, is best-known today as a major port of the Gulf of Mexico and tourist destination and, in the aftermath…… [Read More]. The conflictive positions between the two states influenced both the evolution of highly dominant states as well as minor governments. The international relations were dominated by tensions between the East and the West that shaped a conflict of ideological, political, and strategic manner but not military.

This bilateral contention has since come to be known as the Cold War. This image of non-conventional warfare was unfamiliar decades of years ago when massacres and slaughterous mayhem was the representative picture of battlefields that most would have associated wars with up until the emergence and unfolding of the Cold War.

In ,…… [Read More]. Health Care the History. This organization is concerned with the social and economic aspects of health problems. The National Quarantine Act is signed into law.

This legislation is designed to prevent entry into the country of persons with communicable diseases. It later becomes the American Hospital Association.

Founded earlier in , the American Medical Association began to have a concrete and centralized role in the health care decisions…… [Read More]. Oral Composition What Signs of. Further, the text illustrate was the Mycenaean population believed from a religious perspective.

It shows what was expected of people with religious beliefs and the level of importance that was placed upon adhering to traditions, such as the proper treatment of a dead body in the case of Achilles and his treatment of the body of Hector. To what extent is the world we find in The Iliad historical? Can Homer's Iliad be used to supplement archaeological finds to tell us about the Mycenaean world, to reconstruct a world extant during the Dark Ages or give us some information about Greece in the 8th century BC?

Any piece of writing, whether fictional or not, is an historical artifact of a kind. Historians can uncover pottery or architecture and bones, but that will not be enough to completely understand a society which has long since been out of existence. Korean History The Climate and Culture of. The Climate and Culture of Foreign Business The challenge of any cultural history undertaken to determine the foreign business fitness of a location is to make sure that there is due respect afforded the society with regard to issues that might not be seen as directly affecting the bottom line.

So much of the time in the business world we are collectively focused on the ideas that surround the continued development of the global world economy, without regard for the existence of prior national issues. An easily made mistake for a researcher addressing issues of Korea from the United States would be to distill Korean history into a form that only include the interests of this country after the Korean-American ar. This account will attempt to address those issues by addressing the culture through its earliest history to its present state through modern demographics, religion, education, housing, leisure…… [Read More].

Circassian People a Brief History. Circassian People, a brief history The Circassians, comprising some 3, people concentrated in two northern villages, are Sunni Muslims, although they share neither the Arab origin nor the cultural background of the larger Islamic community. While maintaining a distinct ethnic identity, they participate in Israel's economic and national affairs without assimilating either into Jewish society or into the general Muslim community The Circassians are a Muslim people, whose Russian name is Cherkess and whose native name is Adygey.

They are now officially classified as three peoples: The term Circassian has sometimes been incorrectly applied to all the mountain peoples of the N. Known in antiquity, they inhabited the western side of the Caucasus and the Crimea and were known to the Greeks as the Zyukhoy.

They were Christianized…… [Read More]. Critique and Reactions This paper concerns an interview that I conducted with a year-old ex-escort. This individual was a college educated female who will be given the name Samantha, as an alias for the purposes of this paper. I was able to make initial contact with Samantha through a range of referrals from friends of some of my colleagues. Samantha was willing to talk to me, though only if I was able to provide her with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Conducting the interview was fascinating, as I had never met a member of the sex industry. I was worried that perhaps I might say something that she considered naive or that she would be able to see clearly that I was new at the task of interviewing someone about their sexual history.

Samantha came from a two-parent middle-class home, and was not raised under any particular…… [Read More]. Religious History of My Family as I.

I myself am from Vietnam and am studying in New York. My parents are Vietnamese and living in Hanoi, Vietnam. We follow a mixture of Buddhism and Confucianism, although I think that somewhere way back, my grandparents or great-grandparents - I know little of either side -- may have been pure Buddhists. Actually, I see similarities in both, in that both focus on peace within oneself, and I think that the popular way of how Americans see Buddhist belief of nirvana as believing that we are feted to suffer is wrong.

Thinking of my family's beliefs and how it has shaped our lives and my life in particular, I think it is more Vietnam's beliefs in general; that has impacted us rather than that of my particular family.

The two primary beliefs in Vietnam in general,…… [Read More]. Brief History of Polio. History of Polio Polio, also known as poliomyelitis, is a contagious viral illness that produces no symptoms in ninety-five percent of cases.

While a plague to the human race for centuries, polio was never the devastating scourge that other diseases, such as bubonic plague and smallpox, were. Then, in the early 20th century, polio came into its own, and the largest outbreak of the disease ever seen began.

It is from this large outbreak that our dread of polio largely comes from. From this outbreak, we have gotten the devastating images of children in wheelchairs and iron lungs, paralyzed from the ravages of polio, some never to walk again. And it is this outbreak of polio that led to the tremendous push from Western medicine to eradicate it once and for all. While polio normally produces no symptoms, in the small percentage of cases that do produce symptoms, the disease…… [Read More].

Candomble An Overview the History. Most teachings are oral, because of the historical origins of the faith as a transported slave religion, and are passed on from devotee to devotee. The founding ideas are that humans have both a physical and spiritual body, spiritual entities are in constant contact with the mortal world, and that believers can contact the spiritual world through rituals and use the spirits for healing and for help and guidance "Candomble," New Religious Movements, This stress upon ritual means that sacred space is very important to practitioners.

The religion "invests relationships with a cosmic dimension, both in mythical times and in life as we know it" Fernandes, One interesting aspect of the religion is its color symbolism, which reflects its African roots. Black has a strong positive significance. Other colors of importance are Oxum or gold, Oxossi or forest green, Yemanja or sea blue, Xango or red and white…… [Read More].

Benefit Segmentation in the Oral. Specialty toothpastes created for customers with sensitive teeth, gums or other medical conditions, with customer experience being the most critical 5. Lifecycle approach similar to Crest yet focused on the consumer's purchasing lifecycle Based on this analysis, my top five criterion are as follows: High performance toothpaste capable of delivering preventative protection and has a fresh taste 2. High performance cavity prevention 3. Making dialing brushing less of a chore and more fun and enjoyable 4.

Available in a wide variety of flavors 5. High performance, rapid whitening toothpastes that bring quick results to teeth and gums. This toothpaste fits my profile of benefits precisely and has led to my becoming brand-loyal to this specific product based on the benefits it delivers. Select another oral care e. Afghanistan Its History and Its.

In Islamic nations, such as Afghanistan, women not only live in crushing poverty but are subjected to injustices imposed on them in the name of God. The threat of being penniless often forces Muslim women to remain in bad marriages, as it does poor women worldwide. During the Taliban regime, many professional women were not allowed to participate in economic activity, which deteriorated the economy even further. With economy sliding downwards, women rights also declined continuously, resulting in an extremely oppressed social setup.

The world is now watching closely as Afghanistan went to polls recently. People want to see how America-led government can bring reforms…… [Read More]. Technology in History Classes] Since the beginning of education in the U. Students have sat quietly in their seats with just a pencil, textbook and lined paper to practice their "readin', riting and 'rithmetic.

In a growing number of schools, technological innovations are beginning to significantly change the way that information is conveyed and students learn. Depending on the creativity of the teacher, the advent of computers, CD-ROMs, videodiscs, multimedia, and cable networks is expanding the breadth of the curriculum -- from mathematics to the social sciences. For example, teachers have found multiple ways to restructure technology into high school history that have made an often very dry topic come to life.

His book Intelligence Reframed showed that…… [Read More]. Pentacostal Movement History of the Pentecostal Movement. Pentacostal Movement History of the Pentecostal Movement The Pentecostal Movement, also known as Classical Pentecostalism, is a Christian-based faith that emphasizes a direct personal experience with God through Baptism, Prayer, and evangelism. There is not one version of Pentecostalism, but all are based on the name derived from the Jewish Feasts of Weeks, commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the followers of Christ, described in Acts II: Pentecostals accept Christ as a personal lord and savior and also that baptism with the Holy Spirit is separate from conversion.

It is…… [Read More]. E-Mail in Business Communication E-mail: History, elation, and Impact on effective Business Communication Email in Business Communication Electronic Mail Impact of Email to Business Communication Implications of Emails as Business Communication Tools Email is an important form of communication in today's organization that is increasingly seeing a geographical dispersal of the workforce.

To communication tool has replaced traditional business letters and memos in preference for email memos. However, despite the wide acceptance, the tool lacks in social and visual cues which lender the messages toneless. The lack of tone and physical gestures leads to misinterpretation, ill will, disconnectedness, loss of intellectual capital and integrity for the business.

The research finds that the informal history of emails, heterogeneity among users, technological limitations in social-emotions, and lack of…… [Read More]. Ritalin The Case History of a Drug. A chronic condition, it normally carries over into adolescence and perhaps into maturity as well. ADHD children can be hyperactive, inattentive, distractible, aggressive and impulsive, and as a result tend to do poorly in school and present behavioral problems both in academic, social and familial settings.

ADHD adolescents, in addition to the above-mentioned difficulties, may be disposed toward delinquency and involvement in car accidents and substance abuse. Co-occurring disorders such as conduct disorder, anxiety and depression tend to exacerbate both the symptoms and the difficulty of treating ADHD.

Cultures and Histories of People. Interactivity With One's Culture The concepts of literature and history as identified in the excerpt from the Potiki that is referenced in this assignment is one of continuous interaction. Moreover, they underscore the degree of continuity that these people have with their past, which is quite at variance with conventional Western perceptions of the past.

These facts are demonstrated throughout the manuscript that this excerpt stems from. Still, they are indicated perhaps most poignantly in the subsequent quotation "But our main book was the wharenui which is itself a story, a history, a gallery, a study, a design structure and a taonga.

And we were part of that book along with family past and family yet to come. Corporations and History Corporations have used their history to demonstrate to consumers their underlying principles in product production and quality.

History is vital because it allows consumers to relate to a product and understand that the product is manufactured using the same quality materials. In the marketing of the products, the corporations will use their well-known history to demonstrate to the consumers that they have maintained and will always employ the same principles.

These corporations have used their well-known history to market their products, and they employ the same principles employed since the corporations were launched. Coca-Cola creates the world's favorite soft drink, and the drink was created in order to offer a sweet quenching drink that evokes happiness Pendergrast, The corporation has always aimed at associating its Coca-Cola drink with happiness, and this has…… [Read More].

Origin and History of Rap. Marino Related to the above is the view that the origins and history of the development of Rap music are strongly related to the resistance to various forms of colonialism and oppression that Black people have experienced and which has shaped the style and form of Rap music. This also refers to ideological and colonial hegemonies and perceived racial and cultural prejudice that has been a major motivating force in this form of artistic expression.

This can be linked to theories of ideological hegemony that are seen as pivotal aspect in the development of Black consciousness and consequently in the musical expression of that consciousness. According to theorists like Gramsci, ideological hegemony functions by control and domination not only through force but also through cultural forms of persuasion. In other words, the best way to achieve control over a subordinate group is by " Manetho Josephus Jeroboam Is Genesis 1: An Analysis of the iblical Creation Narrative of Genesis 1: Given its importance to humankind, it is little wonder that so much attention has been devoted to how the universe was created and what place humanity has in this immense cosmos.

Indeed, the creation of the universe and the origin of mankind are the subject of numerous myths around the world, with many sharing some distinct commonalities. Ancient History Comparison and Contrast of the. They often do things that they don't want to do, while lamenting the easons fo thei actions. The simply give thei lives ove to fate instead of tying to take contol of what they ae doing and change it fo the bette. They also talk about what the gods have done to them, but neithe Vigil no Home makes any eal effot to potay the gods as they wee actually potayed in eithe Geek o Roman histoy.

Instead they both show the gods the way that they think they should and the way that woks best fo the stoy. They take some libeties with diffeent pats of histoy and diffeent pats of the stoy that they ae eceating to make sue that it…… [Read More]. Children Around the World History Social. Work on an artistic representation of that country's culture. Individually, present to small group; or group present to class with each member providing information on a specific part of the child's life in another country.

As a take-home activity, write a reflective essay paragraphs, depending on level about what you learned from this assignment, how you think the child's life differs from yours, how it is similar, and what you might change about your own life based on this assignment.

Analysis - Background -- Differentiated Instruction recognizes that students have varying background knowledge, language, preferences in learning, and interests. DI is a process designed to approach teaching and learning for students of differing abilities in the same class -- in the same lesson. Differentiated Access -- each student will have access to a variety of written and kinesthetic materials that…… [Read More]. Women's Health the History of.

Medical complications associated with the utilization of oral contraceptives are varied but in general stem from both known and unknown complexities associated with the ingredients that make up OCs, as all hormones are steroids and in many cases have multi-variant biochemical effects, some known and some unknown. The complexities of steroids, of which all hormones are, demonstrate the need for a great deal of further research with regards to their use.

Some more common side effects of oral contraceptives, though they can vary slightly according to brand and dosage of active ingredients are: Water retention may cause swelling of fingers or ankles.

Other side effects of oral contraceptives may include nervousness, depression, dizziness, change in appetite, loss of scalp hair, rash, vaginal infections, migraine headaches, missed menstrual periods and bleeding between periods. Edward Ball chronicles his family's slave-owning history in the compelling historical narrative Slaves in the Family. Ball traces the lineages of his white relatives and their slaves and where possible recreates life as it was on the Ball plantations in South Carolina.

Descendents of the Englishman Elias Ball bought and sold enough slaves to populate a city. By no means singular in their treatment of the Africans, the Balls prove nevertheless to be a prime example of a Southern plantation dependent on the blood, sweat, and tears of families and individuals ripped from their homeland and bought and sold as commodity.

Cruelty was meted out equally among black males and females, but it is worthwhile to contrast the unique experiences of enslaved women on the Southern plantations. If nothing else, motherhood and childrearing set the women apart. They watched their newborns emerge into a world of shackles, often completely losing…… [Read More]. German Influences on Texas Culture If one has lived in Texas for any length of time, they will realize immediately that the Texas culture is influenced by German culture in a number of ways.

Modern day Texas culture would not exist as it does today if it were not for German influence. Today Texas culture can be described as a blending of German and Texas traditions. Though German culture is not the only culture that has impacted the Texas of today, it is often considered one of the most significant influences historically. Whether one examines the architectural landscape of the towns and cities, examines the art and music or simply talks with many of the German descendants living in Texas, one must immediately acknowledge the significant influence the German people have had on the development of Texas as known today.

In early Texas history German influence was widespread, often comprising…… [Read More]. Chippewas of ama First Nation Chippewas Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc. This paper will study the Chippewa people of ama First Nation.

The paper will provide a larger context within North American history and Chippewa history to reflect upon this tribe's cultural traditions and heritage. The paper serves to be informative and comprehensives. North American aboriginal tribes have…… [Read More]. The World in Flames: The Outbreak of the Second World War: The oad to War. Alessandro Portelli the Death of Luigi Trastulli. Form and Meaning in Oral History. This paper begins by situating Alessandro Portelli's oral history in the context of the postwar reaction in Italy against the historical theories of the influential Neapolitan philosopher enedetto Croce.

It then proceeds to a discussion of Portelli's methodology by reference above all to the essay The Death of Luigi Trastulli, whose starting point is the death at the hands of the police of a young Terni steelworker in Portelli's essay is not concerned with verifying, in the mode of the documentary historian, the precise circumstances in which Trastulli was killed, however. His concern was rather to account for the diverse memories, which have grown up around the Trastulli event.

Portelli's oral history methodology was inspired by his pathbreaking discovery that erroneous memories possess historical value. The paper concludes by raising some possible criticisms…… [Read More]. Historical interpretations must be questioned so that faulty historical thinking can be identified. One of the most complicated aspects in historical interpretations is that they are precisely that -- interpretations. This means that people cannot help but look back at history through the lens of today's history; this affects interpretation and today's interpretation will be different than yesterday or tomorrow's interpretation because it will be a completely different time.

Historians have a very difficult job because they must be able to take in information and interpret it in responsible ways. Historians need the humility to listen and trust others and the courage to interpret Cathcart , p. A primary source is considered to be something that is created by a person who witnessed an event. Examples of…… [Read More]. A Documentary History, the author describes in great detail the restlessness and anxiety that white folks in Mississippi felt with reference to the institution of slavery.

Bond describes the growth of slavery, what crops made it necessary for Southern landowners to purchase more slaves, the laws that pertained to the behavior of slave owners and slaves, and more. This paper reviews and critiques the Antebellum Slavery chapter 4 in Bond's book. Antebellum Slavery The Code Noir was a law that was enacted in Louisiana in , likely the first such law that was designed to lay out in particulars as to what was expected of slave owners and slaves.

At that time in Mississippi, there was a great deal of tobacco and indigo being grown but not a lot of cotton. Terry Wallace Bloods Black Veterans. However, others became career soldiers, such as Sergeant Major Edgar Huff. Still others felt a sense of energy and purpose serving in Vietnam, and one of them, Manny Holloman even remembers his days as a soldier fondly, and misses his life in Vietnam.

Manny even learned Vietnamese and married a Vietnamese woman, although he was forced to leave her behind after the Americans left Vietnam.

The Good ar In The Good ar Terkel presents the compelling, the bad, and the ugly memories of orld ar II from a view of forty years of after the events. No matter how horrendous the recollections are, comparatively only a few of the interviewees said that if the adventure never happened that they would be better off.

It was a lively and determinative involvement in their lives. Even though , Americans died, the United States itself was not assaulted again after Pearl Harbor, the economy did begin to develop and there was a fresh contemporary feeling of humanity power that revitalized the nation. A lot of women and Black Americans faced new liberties in the post war nation, but happy life following orld ar II was stained by the danger of the could be nuclear.

Studs Terkel interviewed over people by inquiring them to tell…… [Read More]. Standard Joke About America in the s. Although perhaps intended as a joke about drug usage, the joke also points in a serious way to social change in the decade, which was so rapid and far-reaching that it did seem like the world changed almost daily.

This is the paradox of Todd Gitlin's "years of hope" and "days of rage" -- that with so much social and cultural upheaval, the overall mood at any given moment in the s must surely have seemed contradictory.

How then can we assess the three most important themes in this broad social change? I would like to make the case that the three longest-lasting social changes came with America's forced adjustment to new realities on the international scene, with Vietnam; on the domestic scene, with the Civil ights movement; and…… [Read More].

Internment of Japanese-Americans in orld ar II hen the national interests are threatened, history has shown that American presidents will take extraordinary measures to protect them, even if this means violating the U.

For example, the U. Roosevelt did during the outset of orld ar II following the Japanese sneak attack on American forces at Pearl Harbor when tens of thousands of Japanese-American citizens were interred for the duration of the war.

Despite the compelling circumstances that were involved, this paper will show that the internment of Japanese-Americans during orld ar II was not only unconscionable, it was also a fragrant violation of the U.

Constitution and should not have taken…… [Read More]. The survivor in the film was Mordecai Topel from Poland. Due to the length of the interview, we will focus upon the first minutes of the interview, specifically to analyze the initial foundational issues of Polish anti-semitism, the initial German occupation of Poland and life in the ghetto and slave labor in a steel factory under guard of the Ukrainian guards in and out of Ostrowiec, Poland.

However, we will flip to the end of the interview where he relates details of his family before the war where we get a look at the Polish Jewish world that the Nazis destroyed in orld ar 2. Topel's experiences in the Auschwitz were quite typical of the time in the history of the Shoah, so much so that he brushes off describing the…… [Read More]. Ethnic Diversity Over the Past. While many nationalities have such established support systems already in place, many such immigrant support networks remain weak today amirez, Furthermore, these elderly citizens will likely be accustomed to a level of respect and honor that may be missing from the cultural setting upon their arrival in the United States, further contributing to the potential for "culture shock.

There are opportunities for culture shock across all measures for new immigrant, many of them unperceived and unexpected from the host nation's perspective. For example, Stanger notes that despite the ready availability of a modern metro subway system, most…… [Read More]. Gore was seen as a very open vice president whose work achieved very high visibility; Cheney works behind the scenes, and is believed to be very influential in the Bush administration in matters of fighting terrorism and war strategy in Iraq.

Bush is very much aware of one of his main political constituencies, the conservative Christian movement; this movement is anti-abortion and very negative about gay people. In fact, Bush has supported a constitutional amendment which makes his conservative Christian supporters happy that would ban gay marriage. Find out more about the authors. Permanent link to this article: You are invited to leave your comments or turn …. You are invited to leave your comments or turn to ….

Made with by Graphene Themes. Toggle navigation Oral History in the Digital Age. Essays Written by some of the most noted experts in the field, the following texts are designed to give you the latest information on best practices in collecting, curating, and disseminating oral histories. Oral History in the Digital Age: Gilmore and Troy Reeves Case Study: The Kentucky Oral History Commission: A two-tiered approach for annotation, navigation, and cross-referencing within and across oral history interviews , Douglas Lambert Digital Curation through Information Cartography:

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Oral history involves interviewing a person or group to get an inside perspective into what it was like to live in a particular time or is like to live as the member of a .

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For many years, oral history has become a predominant technique used by historians to help gain further understanding of the lives people lived in the past. The Oral History .

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This essay will analyse the oral history interview transcript and will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of oral history when compared with other forms of historical material. This essay is based on the oral history interview which I undertook on the 11/04/03 with Mr M Ali at his home/5(6). Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Mrs. Cooper: My mother and father came from two different areas of Alabama.

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Jul 26,  · Alessandro Portelli, the Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories: Form and Meaning in Oral History. This paper begins by situating Alessandro Portelli's oral history in the context of the postwar reaction in Italy against the historical theories of the influential Neapolitan philosopher enedetto Croce. Oral History in the Digital Age: the following texts are designed to give you the latest information on best practices in curating oral histories. As micro-essays and case studies, the texts are designed to be easily updated and revised as technologies change. You are invited to leave your comments or turn to .