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Social Impacts of Cyber Crime Research Paper Starter

I. Introduction

❶It has made people shift and do a lot of computer technology, and one can earn a living through this. External factors have significantly brought an impact on cybercrime.

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Cyber crime research paper as the college thesis
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This virus replicates itself in the computer causing more harm. To add on this, there are macro viruses. This type of virus is programmed in such a manner that it attack a particular part on the computer. There are also binary viruses. They wipe out data on the hard drive without one's knowledge. Economy crisis is also an external factor that has contributed to cybercrime Yar, Economy in most countries has not been stable in the recent past that has led to unemployment.

Unemployment later causes most young minds to engage in cybercrime so as to earn a living. Upcoming technology in the IT sector has also contributed to cybercrime. Phones and computers being developed nowadays are made such that they can handle a lot of information and to one's tastes and preferences. It has made people shift and do a lot of computer technology, and one can earn a living through this.

Finally on the external factors, network content is another factor that has influenced cybercrime. Pornography is one of the most explicit material that has contributed to this crime. Under aged children try to get in such sites and look at this materials. Also, pornography has led to a lot of blackmailing. Internal factors have also resulted in cybercrime. Personal emotions and moods can lead to this crime.

On may choose to perform cybercrime in school or elsewhere to prove cybercrime actions. Also, relationships have led to cybercrime. Similar issues take place in the context of the movie industry. To be clear, industry figures indicate that the costs of unauthorized copying and redistribution of movies via physical media e. Several researchers have argued that college students are likely to pirate almost all forms of digital media Hinduja, ; Higgins et al.

This includes software piracy. According to the Business Software Alliance BSA, , the trend of piracy among college students has been going up slightly compared to and rates. Importantly, two thirds of the students surveyed still believe that it is okay to swap or illegally download software without paying for it BSA, Since the Copyright Act of , digital piracy has been a criminal act Higgins et al.

That is, when an individual proceeds to burn an extra copy of a music CD, download music from the Internet without paying, or use a peer-to-peer network to download music information, he or she is pirating music. This is especially true for digital music piracy that is committed through a multitude of modi operandi e. The penalties for these acts may be civil e.

Cybercrime includes the promotion and the distribution of pornography. When done over the Internet, this is known as cyberpornography. While viewing pornography may not be criminal for those who are of age, the Internet does not discriminate based on age. In the academic literature, some researchers have shown that access to and viewing of cyberpornography is a behavior that is increasing. Ybarra and Mitchell used data from kids and young adults to examine exposure to cyberpornography.

They showed that individuals that sought out cyberpornography were likely to be male, 14 years old and older, and more depressed, whereas those younger than 14 were more likely to be exposed to pornography through traditional means—movies and magazines. Others have shown that cyberpornography is not just for teenagers, making the behavior non—age specific. Stack, Wasserman, and Kern used the General Social Science Survey to examine who viewed pornography using the Internet and the reasons why.

They showed that individuals that had weak religious ties, unhappy marriages, and past sexual deviance are more likely to view pornography via the Internet. Buzzell examined the factors that influence access to cyberpornography.

The study showed that when employment status increases, technology does play a role in the access to cyberpornography. The Internet allows cybercriminals to participate in underage liaisons. One form of this particular type of cybercrime is the online solicitation of children for sex. This is exploitation that involves an adult who engages in discussion with a child online and uses his or her manipulation skills to coerce the child to meet in person for sexual purposes. Importantly, the number of children that are approached on the Internet for these types of offenses is staggering.

Finkelhor, Mitchell, and Wolak showed that 1 out of every 5 youths is solicited by someone online for sexual relations. The anonymity of the Internet allows cybercriminals to disguise their postings, responses, and identities.

Social Impacts of Cyber Crime

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The field of cyber crime has spawned the field of cyber criminology, defined as "the study of causation of crimes that occur in the cyberspace and its impact in the physical space" (Jaishankar, , p. 1). The scope of cyber crime remains staggering, and it continues to grow.

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Cyber crime is a transgression that is committed to a computer network or via the internet. It mainly involves systems and computers for cybercrime to operate. Cybercrime is an offense that illegally accesses one’s information unknowingly or manipulates information (Holt & Bossier, )/5(1).

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Experts on cyber crime agree that cyber crime is an issue that needs to be focused on more in-depth because the wide-spread use of computers by the global economy has made the use of computers and internet vital to everyday life (Siegel, ; FBI, ). Yes, anyone who uses a computer has a chance of being a victim of cybercrime. Cybercrime has become a big issue in today’s society. Cybercrime is defined as crimes committed on the internet using a computer as either a tool or a targeted victim(Razali).

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Cyber crime paper CJS/ Jesse Wilkie The difference between cybercrime and traditional crime are: Cybercrime is a type of crime that not only destroys the security system of the county but also the financial system of individuals or businesses. Cybercrime is done by hackers that crack into computers and steal software, credit card information or bank account information. Cybercrime is a criminal act using a computer that occurs over the Internet. The Internet has become the source for multiple types of crime and different ways to perform these crimes.