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❶Therefore, local food has the most nutritional value because it is so fresh. Supporting local farmers ensures future food security.


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My family buys our produce from our local C. Community Supported Agriculture , farmers markets, and produce stands. There are thousands of places like these across the country that get overlooked by consumers every day.

Supporting our local farmers is important, not only to the community that they belong to but in a larger sense. The food produced by the local farms is healthier for consumers. The nutritional value of produce declines after the initial harvest. Therefore, local food has the most nutritional value because it is so fresh. Local produce is harvested and sold more quickly so they do not contain the preservatives that are added to products shipped long distances and placed in storage.

Supporting local farmers ensures future food security. Today less than 1 percent of Americans claim farming as their primary occupation Demographics. Those who farm have very few benefits except that it is their passion. Small farmers are getting harder to find because it is so much work with little profit. Owning a farm is a business, to keep the business running you need to make a profit from your products.

The average farmer only makes 10 cents on every retail food dollar 10 Reasons to Buy Local. With consumers buying directly from the farmers, they can cut out the middle man and farmers make a larger profit.

This helps support the farms business and their families so they can continue to farm. Also we have to protect the land. Farmers who are not making any money are forced to sell their land giving them no control over what happens to it. The beautiful farm land becomes wasted, covered in housing developments, buildings, or strip malls. This is a reminder that the beauty of agricultural landscape survives only when farms are making profit. Buying your produce from the source also gives the consumer insight into the actual processes that goes into the product.

When you see where it is coming from you develop more of an appreciation for it, which is important for the next generation of farmers. When people appreciate their food and where it comes from they will be less inclined to waste it. Food waste it a huge issue, when people do not understand where it comes from and how hard it is to produce it deprecates the value of the food so throwing it away does not seem like a waste.

Buying locally grown food can reduce the fossil fuel emissions in our world house in more than just one way. Transporting the produce across country is a huge waste of fossil fuels. This only increases our dependence on fossils fuels, since the consumers mainly rely on the produce, in our grocery stores, that was transported over hundreds of miles.

Rich Pirog, senior associate director of the C. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems, found that conventional food distribution was responsible for 5 to 17 times more CO2 than locally produced food Pirog. Not only are fossil fuels burned and wasted in the transporting of these products, but in the packaging of them too.

Have you ever thought about where those mangos came from, how many miles the food has traveled? Local grocery stores supply produce that is found around the area, which means its fresher food. Rather than, the great variety of fruit from around the world, with who knows what on them that makes them survive a long traveled distance, and still look decent to eat. Starbucks buys coffee beans from farmers in the area, as there step towards creating a better environment. On the other hand, I noticed that when supporting local businesses, the consumer feels happier about their purchase, rather than buying something from a place where anyone in the nation can buy the exact same item.

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Don't have an account? An essay is primarily a prose composition that is written in free form. While writing the student expresses their own personal ideas and describes an experience. When writing this kind of written work, the student expresses their views on a particular issue, problem or subject.

It does not matter how his opinion will be understood afterwards, since such written work does not claim to define the truth. This work is meant to show the opinion and statement of the student. This type of essay is often used in the educational process in order to help teachers evaluate the personal opinion of the student and their ability to analyze material. When writing these assignments, students can use materials of dissertations, monographs, periodicals, and information from other sources.

The nature of the text can be conceptual, analytical, or informational. Buying or writing an essay is the creation of prose work in free style, where there is a place for:. Selection of facts, materials, writing style for writing such papers depends on several parameters, in particular:.

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