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How to Separate Facebook Personal Profile from Business Page (pt.1)

Exercise 1

❶Ching Ya August 18, Reply.

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In case of emergency, please exit the building immediately. We have several job openings in our Sales department. We think the candidate would be a good fit for either position. As we discussed, we will waive the shipping charges on your next order.

Our researchers interviewed several health care professionals. Please update your employee profile. Congratulations to everyone who completed the training program. Basically, what the training program is going to do is prepare each and every one of the participants for their certification test that they will take soon.

There is a possibility that I might get together with some of the people in my MBA program this weekend. The primary role of our recruiters is to search for and locate professionals with good qualifications who live in our area. Carlos speaks English fluently, and can also speak Portuguese at an intermediate level, and in addition he is capable of conversing in German. The training program will prepare participants for the upcoming certification test.

Could you recommend a local contractor? I might get together with my MBA classmates this weekend. She is professional, courteous, and punctual. We addressed the problem at our weekly meeting. Please try to persuade John to accept the deal. Our recruiters find highly qualified professionals in our area. If you have liked a page, most likely you will be displayed as a fan on the page via random thumbnail display. You can delete or unlike the fan pages anytime via:. If you insist on following these pages, hide them from you Info tab.

Hide your Contact Information. If you have set a vanity URL for your username, it will appear in Contact Information and there is no setting to hide it. Hide your Birthday and other Personal Information. Below options require you to be selective in whom you are friend-ing on your profile. It is an option set so to encourage friends to find one another. You cannot control what your friend is sharing, but you can certainly avoid been tagged by going through the below settings. This will prevent your profile link been exposed to public while making sure no outrageous videos or images attached to your profile:.

Your friend my still able to use status-tagging on you, at least you can remove the tag as soon as you found it on the wall:. Make it a regular habit to check on your Facebook Applications. Be skeptical in all games and quizzes sending your way.

Go through each section as most of them are opt-in by default:. Info accessible through your friends. Untick the checkbox if you do not want to be included in the relevant information shown to your friends when they land on Facebook partner websites and vice versa.

By allowing integrations with other location-based services such as Foursquare, Gowalla etc, it enables facebook friends to tag and check in for each other. It may be a good feature to discover interesting places and claiming business premises, even so you should know there are several privacy settings that could protect you from unwanted exposures.

Limit visibility of Places you checked in; Prevent your profile from showing up with other checked in users;. Disallow friends to check you in without consent. Quite a lengthy procedure in protecting a personal profile right?

Precautions can save you from major headaches. Watch out for the next post in which we will be discussing part 2 of separating business pages from personal profile — 11 Things You Should Know when managing them both. What is the Major issue you faced when managing a facebook page connecting to a personal profile? Many of us still like to use Facebook for business while managing discussions with friends at the same place.

There are other features at Facebook where you can limit the visibility of your share Links, etc. You just need to choose who you want to have access to the shared item. Not too hard I think, what do you think? Yes, indeed, a lot more will be discussed in part 2. Especially for novice facebook users, that is the priority. The main objective is to provide a guide so even early facebook page adapters will know how they can protect their accounts before going further in management and lists-making one of the methods that will be brought up in next post too, so stay tuned.

Personally, I prefer to cross-posting. But since there are too many requests asking about separating the two or shall I say, send the right updates to the right group of contacts without affecting others , I figure this is a much understandable title for many. Thank you Shevonne, I appreciate your visit and kind words. May us all learn from one another through experience. This is a good question actually. Do you think so? And I am turning my self into the brand of my business.

This made think a little through if I really wanted to separate my profile and my fan page. Since Facebook is now adding new dimensions to tagging and location based services, I will wait and see. I might stick with the personal branding approach. This might for me be more beneficial. Still in the thinking box until I get a better aspect of the effects of all these new changes. But as said it has made totally rethink my approach.

It is exiting to follow all these changes, though some of theme has given us a couple of extra blond hairs.. Hopefully readers can take what is necessary in this post, without having to limit all chances to reach out. We will discuss more in coming posts perhaps?

Social channels have become plenty of information and after years you need to separate the waters, necessarily, in a more private profile. Gera, thanks so much for dropping by. There are too many grey areas when it comes to social media. Appreciate your support, always.

Hope to see you here again! Haha… I did not notice it when created new page for JayceOoi. Jayce, it may surprise you. Cindy, you can control your post-updating via various facebook apps. For example, RSS Graffiti can be a good fit to post either to your fan pages or personal profile.

You can even delay the publishing on your facebook account if needed. You always provide such good tips that I sometimes get lost in the amount of stuff that one can and must do to have a better user experience. A good precaution for new page starter too.

Thanks for all you do to make getting the most out of Facebook easier. I will share because there are plenty out there who can benefit. Definitely, it is a place to meet and communicate, but not to spam or harassing people for nothing. I would love to create one exclusively for real time friends. Great seeing you here and appreciate your kind comment as well. Until the day comes, you know where to find the guide.

I deleted them from my personal friends list, went to the new studio page to add them back in, but they showed up again on my personal page. When I was a newbie on facebook, I set up a personal account and must have somehow linked my business account to that. Then when the vanity urls came out, I got one for my personal account. When I tried to get one for the business account, it said I already had a url set up.

Is there any way to unlink or separate these two pages and to give the personal account one url and the business account another without doing away with both of them and starting over again….? Please, please, please…hope this is an easy fix. This really is a very useful post Ching. I came to know a lot in this post. I will be making use of all these tips in my facebook page.

Thanks a lot for this awesome post. Thanks Aswani for letting me know how the article can help. Wish you a great facebook page experience ahead.

Thanks so much for the information. I would prefer it if we could simply opt in as opposed to opt out. As we all know, educating ourselves on facebook issues can be very time consuming. I try to keep up and pass on what I have learned. I am amazed how casual some of my friends are concerning privacy issues; for some I know it is more of a matter of being overwhelmed with the frequent changes.

I would also hope there can be less changes in short notice or at least an official release regarding the changes so we can all respond to it. We started off with a business only page, lots of fans — then we got interested in an inventory application that required a personal profile. It may not necessary be the profile but instead, could it be the application instead?

Unsure so you may need to test it out. Try to temporarily remove the application and see if the problem still persists after clearing the browse cache and history. See how it goes. We have a vanity url but when I put in the html on our website, it just points to the main facebook login page.

I see that with other business facebook pages, you can just type in their vanity urls and you are sent directly to their fb page. If yes, remove it and see if that is causing you the issue. I tend to overthink things instead of just doing them. This week a friend of mine told me she was starting one so I told her to come over to your blog because you have so many step by step tutorials for Facebook.

When she came over she was like: All the best, Eren. Thank you so much, my dear friend. Just ask her to contact me if she needed any assistance, be glad to help out.

All of the sudden, my business page does not recognize me my log-in and password as admin. I have tried changing the password but no help. How many days since this been going on? If I am attempting to utilize a posting automated software like hootsuite, it only allows me to send it as my personal account not from my Shop that I have set up.

Is this a different situation to try and pull these two identities apart? Is deleting my Shop and starting over under a different login my only option?

This post is a reference for those who are connecting their business pages to personal profile. As far as I know, Hoosuite is available to post either to personal profile or business page, even both. It can do both. I loved this post found it through your FB page. I already have a personal account, and am trying to create a Page for my new blog. My blog email address will also be linked to the new personal and Page accounts.

To me, this seems the easiest solution. Is there any reason why this would not be feasible? Thanks for your help! For your new project, it does seem well to have a page interconnected to your personal profile, however the only problem is that FB does not allow multiple accounts on Facebook read the details here: What can I do if I have a website in collaboration with a friend and I want to start a Facebook business page for my site?

My solution was to create another facebook profile with my name , and to assign a business profile. But now, when somebody search my name, the result is two profiles with my name…. Any solution to hide my second profile? Is just for control the business page not to add friends! I know that is restricted to have two personal profiles but we are two persons that manage the business profile and nobody wants to share his personal profile in order to attach a business presentation.

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