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How to Write an Essay for IELTS?

IELTS Essay Questions

❶Think is the important word in that sentence.

Why is paraphrasing important in the IELTS Writing Task 2?

IELTS Writing Task 2 Introduction
So, how about the IELTS Writing test?
All Linking Words for Essay Writing

IELTS test results may help everyone to reach even a particular dream, because this test results are now admitted by more than 10, organizations in countries of the world, including immigration agencies, universities, colleges, famous employers, professional worldwide organizations, and other public institutions in a lot of countries, among which are: United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany and others well-known ones.

IELTS essay is a specific written work. When you understand clearly that you really need to pass this exam try to do the next options first of all:. If you still decide to prepare for essay writing with your own, first of all, we advise to stay focused, read the task and just then begin to write.

Do that only when you exactly imagine what will be the outcome of your story. It may take you near ten minutes to think about the essay plan and emphasize all the information which you are going to use in the essay. What attitude does it have to the essay writing? Of course not, but… The idea is that you should check your mistakes when you write an essay. The point is not to find out all fatal mistakes, but little ones in order to save time on the exam.

Instead, it will be more useful for you to check for common essay mistakes. The only way to complete successfully essay writing part is to write a lot and often. The regular practice will improve your skills and expand knowledge, so do not neglect it.

The best option is to use special aids, which contains examples of essays and assignments to them. The more you practice, the more likely you will have time to keep within the allotted few minutes to check your work during the main IELTS exam. The practice will allow you to fix in mind the structure of different types of essays , the approximate time which required for various types of writing tasks and the basic thoughts on a given topic, and spend the precious minutes on the test.

First, we have to note that you can find a great variety of topics for essays writing on the Internet and after a couple months of practice in such writing you realize that in fact the common themes are very limited.

There is a set of common themes, such as society communication, environmental pollution, harmful lifestyle, modern technologies, the relationship of children and parents, relations between teenagers etc. And of these topics have already formulated the final theme, paraphrased, are specified. And of these topics have already formulated the final theme. Thus, if you are able to determine for itself several abstracts in each of these subjects, then you will pass the exam with ease because you will you already prepared theses for the particular subject and not waste time on think about the structure or idea.

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing developed nations today. This essay title asks the writer to provide the advantages and disadvantages of an idea or solution. Use a pen to highlight or underline the key words in the question: Sentence restructuring is using a new sentence format, based on the writing skill.

Lack of jobs is indeed a grave issue confronting industrialised countries at this time. Nowadays, many schools are using computer games to teach lessons to many children inside and outside the classroom. What are the negative and positive effects of using computer games in education and what can be done to minimise the negative effects?

What are the negative and positive effects of using computer games on education and what can be done to minimize the negative effects? Sentence restructuring is the skills of applying a new sentence format, based on the writing objective required. In this example, the writer is expected to outline both the negative and positive effects of using computer games on education. In this essay, I will outline the bad and good impacts of employing electronic activities and exercises on academic development.

In modern times, many academic institutions are employing electronic activities and exercises to instruct courses to children both at school and at home. Click here to Subscribe to the Youtube Channel. Play in new window Download. Need to retake the exam? Feeling a little confused searching online? Check out this unique online course that includes the exam knowledge you need to pass while giving you feedback on your IELTS essays.

Here is my response! These, I will stress, are guidelines not rules — there is always more than one way to do it:.

I personally HATE one sentence introductions. Think clearly and aim to let the examiner know what you want say. Think is the important word in that sentence. The idea is that what you think should be clear throughout the essay.

That means you want to give your answer in the introduction and not just the conclusion. I know lots of candidates and teachers like to categorise essays. Better I think to have one set of guidelines and answer the question in front of you. Much simpler that way. It is also much more likely to get you a good score. So focus on that. This is something I personally hate. I will show you some examples of how to do this below.

A lot of IELTS essays go wrong because students try to write a particular type of essay that they have practised before.

They try to repeat a form of essay they have learned and fail to answer the question. To avoid this it really helps to learn different ways of doing the same thing. Learn how to write introductions that are two and three sentences long. Others think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities.

There are different views about whether people are happier as teenagers or in adulthood. While there is something to be said for the idea that the teenage years can be extremely happy, my view is that most people achieve greater satisfaction later in life when they have a career and a family of their own.

There is an increasing shortage of housing in many countries. Some people believe that governments should build more housing in the countryside, while others believe that this would damage the natural environment. Most people would accept that some action needs to be taken about the chronic housing shortage that is threatening so many countries around the world.

My view, however , is that this would lead to serious damage to the environment and alternative options need to be found. If you like you can leave me an introduction as a comment to this lesson. The alternative is to pop into the forum and post there. If you follow my advice, you will:.

Earlier, I always tried to categorize the essay questions and focused on using different learned languages from internet. Now, after this lesson I start thinking in different direction. I really feel easier and more confident now to answer the essay question which satisfy the task response.

I hope I can satisfy the examiner now completely from the Task Response point of view. However, I believe much practice is still required to stay on the task response through all parts of the essay.

I hope it works for you. Different things do work for different people. I do have another — rather old — lesson on this that I need to review. Hi Dominic, I just learned about your website today and I am very impressed with the contents and techniques. My weakness is also writing. I am hoping to learn more from your site to score at least 7.

What is paraphrasing?

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An IELTS essay is structured like any other essay; you just need to make it shorter. There are three key elements: Introduction; Body Paragraphs; Conclusion; We will look at each of these in turn, using the essay question above as an example. 1) Introduction. You .

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An IELTS writing task 2 opinion essay should have three sentences and these three sentences should be: Paraphrase question; Thesis statement; Outline statement; That’s it. Simple! Let’s look at each sentence in more detail. Paraphrase Question; Paraphrasing means stating the question again, but with different words so that it has the same meaning.

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Writing an IELTS Essay Introduction In the writing for task 2, you must write an IELTS essay introduction, but you only have 40 minutes. In this time you need to analyze the question, brainstorm ideas to write about, formulate an essay plan, and then write your response. IELTS Writing: How to Start IELTS Task 2. Audio Tutorial about Starting IELTS Writing Task 2. Sample 19 IELTS Essays and Task Questions Ebook. Additional IELTS Resources. 35 IELTS writing phrases (copy paste) In this tutorial, we examine an important IELTS .

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This is the introduction to the essay and where you should start off by paraphrasing the question. Do you understand what I mean, Discussion Essay Louise Bollanos December 4, writing task 2 discussion essay, ielts writing task 2 discussion essay, ielts academic writing task 2 discussion essay, ielts, ielts writing task 2. How to Put Examples in Your Essay. July 27, Please note that the linking words do not need to be at the start of the sentence. You can use them more flexibly by changing their location. IELTS Essay Questions. Over IELTS Essay Questions; Main IELTS Pages. Develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free videos and more.