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FERPA protects the privacy of student education records. If you're a parent, you'll need to understand how the law changes once your student enters a post-secondary institution. If you're an employee of Penn State with access to student education records, you're obligated to comply with FERPA and to protect those records according to the law. Who are "University officials"?

Individuals whose responsibilities place them within this category include instructors; faculty advisers; admissions counselors; academic advisers; counselors; employment placement personnel; deans, department chairpersons, directors, and other administrative officials responsible for some part of the academic enterprise or one of the supporting activities; University Police personnel; health staff; development officers; staff in Alumni Relations; administrative and faculty sponsors of officially recognized clubs, organizations, etc.

What constitutes "legitimate educational interest"? FERPA permits university employees to have access to student education records in which they have "legitimate educational interest. But what constitutes "legitimate educational interest"? Essentially, legitimate educational interest is necessary for employees to carry out their responsibilities in support of Penn State's educational mission. You can also think of legitimate educational interest as a "need to know" that is essential to carrying out your job responsibilities related to education.

It is important to understand several points related to "legitimate educational interest: Just because you have access to LionPATH and are able to view the record of your neighbor's son, does not mean that you have a legitimate educational interest in his grades and cumulative GPA.

Simply the fact that you are a university employee does not constitute legitimate educational interest. Your need to know must be related to your job responsibilities in support of the university's educational mission. In other words, records should be used only in the context of official business in conjunction with the educational success of the student. Your legitimate educational interest is limited.

While you may have a need to access education records for students in your college, you do not necessarily have a similar need to view records of students outside your college. In other words, access to information does not authorize unrestricted use. According to the law, a person becomes a student for purposes of FERPA when they are "in attendance" at an institution.

This includes attendance in person or remotely by videoconference, satellite, Internet, or other electronic and telecommunications technologies. At Penn State, we define a student as someone currently or previously enrolled in any academic offering of the University. This does not include prospective students or applicants to any academic program of the University. According to Penn State policy, FERPA becomes effective on the first day of classes for those newly admitted students who have scheduled at least one course.

What are "education records"? Are there any records that are not considered education records? What does the law mean when it says that students have the right to control disclosure of their education records? Does "written consent" have to be collected on paper? Are there any conditions under which student education records may be disclosed without the student's consent?

Is there any student information that can be released without the student's permission? What is directory information? We do take care about writing essays well, in-time and with all the most detailed instructions followed to the dot.

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