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Down Syndrome

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❶To diagnose otitis media, an otoscopic examination will often be effective. The literature of Down syndrome has exaggerated the homogeneity of this population, despite the evidence for increased variation of many characteristics.

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In this paper we will look at a short description of what Down syndrome really is, the genetic causes of Translocated Down syndrome, symptoms, characteristics, medications, intervention programs and testing for Down syndrome while an infant is still in the womb.

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Down Syndrome can be diagnosed in infancy based on the characteristic medical findings. When Down Syndrome is assumed in a person, a genetic test called a “chromosome analysis” is performed on a blood or skin sample to look for an extra chromosome 21 (trisomy 21).  DOWN SYNDROME Down Syndrome is a congenital disorder arising from a chromosome It comes from a defect involving chromosome The condition leads to impairments in both cognitive ability and physical growth that range from mild to moderate developmental disabilities.

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Down Syndrome Essay Words | 5 Pages. Down Syndrome They used to be called "Mongoloids," an ethnic insult coined by John Langdon Down, an English physician during the nineteenth century. But now they are known as people, individuals with a condition known as Down syndrome. (3). Most children with Down syndrome exhibit a substantial delay in the appearance of first words, in spite of their normal babbling patterns. Taken together, the research by Buckley and B.L. Smith indicates that .