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Ask a Resume Writer: Help, I’m Short on Successes!

How to ask your contacts for a job referral

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Don’t ask for a job…Ask for information.
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Asking for help changing careers is especially tough for men. Kind of like asking for directions. Women tend to work cooperatively; men tend to compete for the alpha position. And requesting guidance is a definite concession of the alpha spot. Craft a sharp elevator pitch. To get answers to your questions about entering a field, you need to be able to clearly state the type of work you want to do.

A second elevator pitch is the best way to get your message across. Gratefully accept any advice or offers of introductions. When you seek out someone in your prospective next career, offer to buy him or her a cup of coffee or lunch. Instead, ask for AIR: Insights The kinds of things someone usually learns after years in the field: You want to learn who is on top and why. Recommendations Find out who you should talk to next and ask, if appropriate, for an introduction.

Request names of good books to read and classes to take, as well as industry groups that can help you start networking effectively. A tribe is the group of your friends and relatives who are pulling for you. Your tribe will be there for you when you make mistakes — and when you triumph. Make a habit of connecting with members of your tribe individually, meeting for coffee or a walk.

Share the latest steps of your journey. Admit your weaknesses to people who could assist you. Ignoring Naysayers to Become a Nurse. Every time someone is useful in your career transition, show your appreciation and spread the word.

If his introduction led to a job interview, tell him and express your gratitude. People like knowing they have helped. You may start off feeling like a panhandler. And that makes everyone feel good. Just be sure to be as willing to give as good as you get. When it comes time to learn — attempt to master — a new skill, it is inevitable that questions will arise.

I found that out when I started getting lots of questions in my email from job seekers like yourself who had read the information here, but still had unanswered questions. I decided an Ask the Expert section of the site was in order! Hey, I'm not an expert in everything having to do with careers, but I do have a lot of real-world experience So you can be pretty sure I'll give solid advice and resume writing tips here. Writing a great resume isn't the easiest thing in the world. Nor is creating a great cover letter to go along with it.

And don't get me started on dealing with the stress of job interviews! I mean, where the heck do they get some of those questions, anyway?! But the good news is, I'm here to help you. Ask your resume questions, cover letter questions or job interview questions and I'll do my best to help you. Or, if any of my readers who are here have input, you're free to comment on any of the questions you see here as well.

After all, this is a community, and the prevailing philosophy here is "help and be helped". Some call it paying it forward. So, if you have resume questions, then ask away, using the form you'll find on one of the pages below I've broken the question topics into categories, to make the pages shorter and less overwhelming

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Career and job search help for creative professionals. Career and job search help for creative professionals. Who Should You Ask? Many resume services offer a free critique, but this is not the best way to find out how effective your resume is because obviously the resume service would like to sell you a new resume, so you can’t be .

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This is the best email template to send to someone you don't know well when you need help in your job search or in your career. The Perfect Email Template for Asking Someone Kinda Random for Help. by. Hold back from attaching your resume for now. If the person’s interested, he or she will ask.

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If you ask 10 people to review your resume, you will likely receive 10 different opinions. You may also receive conflicting advice, making it difficult to know what changes you should implement. After you receive a resume critique, be open to suggestions and ready to make revisions that work for you. “My resume looks very skimpy when it comes to accomplishments. I know this is a big part of what impresses employers. What can I do?” It’s amazing how often someone I’m working with will begin by lamenting their lack of career success.

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Questions to Ask When Writing a Resume. Answers to the following questions will help you create a resume that persuades prospective employers to select you for an interview. A referral from a current employee of a company can help you get your foot in the door and more. Here's how to ask your contacts for a job referral.