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❶Students need to provide the option for appearing in practical examination s while filling up exam form with payment of additional practical examination fee of Rs.

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Being able to think a process through and plan exactly what is required from a solution using a step-by-step approach is essential. There are always a plethora of possible solutions, but normally very few efficient ones. As with any A-level, independent learning is an absolute must. You will be expected to learn theory as well as take part in practical programming; you will need to take on projects and work your way through the life cycle of those projects and come out the other end with a working computer program.

The emphasis is on your own ability to interpret the problems and define a working solution. Team work will play its part in your course. The computing industry is team-based and so this will be simulated in the classroom where thoughts and ideas need to be communicated and discussed with the merit and attention they deserve. As with a verbal language, the computer languages will be forgotten if you do not practice.

You cannot just learn something and then leave it until the exam to revise. The successful candidates will be those who constantly refer back through their learning and seeing how all of their knowledge and understanding can be utilised in the problem solving challenges that stand in front of them.

The full A Level is broken up into four modules with each one having its own written examination. The AS Modules are completed in year 1 with examinations at the end of the first year. The A2 modules are then completed in the second year with the final examinations taken at the end of the second year. Students study all four modules in one year and sit all four papers at the end of the first year. Students who have already studied computing may be offered the chance to sit the AS Module exam papers in November of the year they start the course — but this will be a decision made based on an individual assessment where a student can demonstrate that they are ready to sit the two AS papers so soon after starting the course.

Computer Science can also be taken as an AS subject where students will spend one year studying the AS Modules and then sit the examinations for the AS module papers at the end of the year. Questions to test yourself, click below. Topics that aren't examined but you might be interested in.

Retrieved from " https: Books with print version. Views Read Edit View history. Policies and guidelines Contact us. In other languages Add links. This page was last edited on 11 September , at It varies when the topic of the coursework writing is initially distributed among the students, and they have no opportunity to choose the one that they like. It is much better when the students are allowed to choose the topic for their future paper.

Then you can choose the topic that you like most. One you have decided the topic of your future work, create the plan of your work.

Here are some simple coursework help tips that will help you to write a good coursework:. Do not forget that the course work at the university is written in a formal style and the third person. Use only formal language and write in a simple formal style, do not use colloquial and informal language;. Course work should be organized into paragraphs, and it must have a logical flow and make logical sense;.

Try to use your own experience, in any case, if something is wrong with it, the tutor will help you and tell, whether it is ok or not. All of our writers follow all these steps and write only high-quality works.

They are trained and highly-educated individuals who hold all the necessary qualifications to write a perfect custom coursework in any field of expertise.

Any subject is not an issue. Whether you need humanities-related or science coursework, there would be no hitch at all. Our coursework help will make your work better and help you to get a higher grade!

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im making a pedometer app for my computer science coursework i do not have a clue on where to start. Im using java, and coding in android studio. Not sure.

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Coursework is defined as the most versatile assignment for students. It totally depends on the subject and can come in form of different types of papers. For instance, you may be asked to complete your task on a form of a project, experiment, report or essay.

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Computer Science Coursework Help Computer science coursework is nowadays resulting into little tedious task for the students due to involved technical aspects in it. Students that are finding this technology coursework as tough to handle can seek our help . Custom coursework help for a higher grade The topic of your future coursework – is what you need to decide first before you start writing. It varies when the topic of the coursework writing is initially distributed among the students, and they have no opportunity to choose the one that they like.

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