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8 Qualities of Powerful Writing

1. Powerful writing is readable.

❶Intermediate-level and above mistakes.

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2. Powerful writing is focused.

Although many faculty may have difficulty characterizing the style of a specific piece of writing as appropriate or inappropriate, they will generally agree that an effective style conveys ideas and information precisely, concisely and in a manner appropriate to the context of a particular paper or report. An effectively styled essay generates interest and even emphasis through its choice of diction; it demonstrates the ability to use punctuation rhetorically-for effect as well as clarity.

English introduces students to the qualities of effective writing, as outlined above. But when students move into various academic disciplines, they often find that what a professor means by effective organizational strategy or appropriate style is differs from what they learned in English For example, a business student might be surprised to learn that she is expected to begin the opening paragraph of a case study with a precise and succinct statement of the bottom line, and that supporting detail which her English teacher suggested was crucial may even be relegated to an appendix.

Students of the natural sciences may discover that a given organizational plan abstract, introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion is preferred by a journal, even though the organizational strategies they learned for freshman English papers were virtually limitless.

To take a final example, English teaches students to favor the active voice over the passive; this stylistic preference serves students of the humanities well enough, but the chemistry student who prefers the active voice in his lab report may be asked to revise. Different writing styles are demanded by various academic courses and disciplines.

Moreover, it is very difficult to predict the career options of most of our students, not to mention those of traditional liberal arts students. It is also true that the notion of "lifework" is becoming obsolete in a society where workers change careers with increasing frequency.

Given these facts, we owe it to our students to prepare then to write competently in as many contexts as possible. The Writing Program Committee suggests that it be the goal of writing instruction at Calvin College to develop students who are capable of writing effectively in various academic and work-related contexts. It would be irresponsible of this committee to propose general characteristics of good writing in a manner that ignored discipline-specific differences in the particular definitions of those characteristics.

Here's a list of possible problems to check your story for that might make that journey an unsatisfying one for the reader:. At this level, the issues are a bit subjective.

If you are at the level where you have nailed the amateur mistakes and are addressing the intermediate issues, then you're probably as good a writer as anyone and ready to start trying to get published. Plenty of books get published with plot holes.

Still, you are probably 90 percent there and writing publishable work. That last 10 percent that takes you from a good writer to a published writer isn't really about the quality of your work.

It's about luck, contacts, and persistence. Can anyone be a good writer? Intermediate-level and above mistakes. Here's a list of possible problems to check your story for that might make that journey an unsatisfying one for the reader: Too much backstory before the inciting incident this is the No. Lurching tone "Is is a comedy or a thriller? He just disappeared in Chapter Document Actions Print this. Rockowitz Writing Center website feedback: An essay should have a single clear central idea.

Each paragraph should support or expand the central idea of the paper. Every paragraph in an essay should be related to the main idea. An essay or paper should be organized logically, flow smoothly, and "stick" together.

A paper should be written in generally correct standard English, with complete sentences, and be relatively error-free.

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What is good writing? This is not an easy question to answer. Many very different kinds of writing are considered "good" and for many different reasons. There is no formula or program for writing well. However, there are certain qualities that .

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The basic qualities of good writing Most academics will probably agree on the fundamental qualities of good writing. We may broadly agree that basic errors of grammar and mechanics must be avoided.

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Here, in no particular order, is what I’ve learned about the necessary qualities of good writing (or content, in our digital vernacular), based on my own 25 years’ working as a writer and editor and even longer career as a reader. 1. Good writing anticipates reader questions. Good writing serves the reader, not the writer. In fact, good writing is much more than just correct writing. It's writing that responds to the interests and needs of the readers and reflects the writer's personality and individuality. Basic Characteristics of Effective Writing. Good writing has a clearly defined purpose.

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What Are the Qualities of Good Writing? Ideas/Focus- Good writing begins with interesting ideas. Focus refers to how clearly the paper presents and maintains a main idea, theme, or unifying point. Papers representing the higher end of the point scale demonstrate a consistent awareness of the topic. the rockowitz writing center is located on the 7th floor of the library in the silverstein student success center! The Hunter College RWC is a comprehensive service for the entire Hunter community, offering tutorial assistance and academic support to all registered students, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as technical assistance .