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The Reality of Writing for Content Mills — 14 Writers’ True Stories

Aug 26th, 2018

❶Answering the questions where do folks come up with these things? Our order process makes it easy to perform edits and maintain flawless writing standards.


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4 Sites Like Textbroker

First off, everyone who applies starts off at the first writing level lowest pay regardless of writing quality. As you may know, Textbroker assigns your writing level based on your initial writing sample. People who are really good often get placed at level 4 right off the bat. It doesn't work that way at The Content Authority. You cannot get your writing level up unless you consistently submit quality content.

However, Textbroker only hires US writers while The Content Authority will accept people worldwide provided they can get paid by Paypal and have a good understanding of the English language. Payments are also made weekly here every Saturday. Go here to sign up at The Content Authority if they're accepting writers or read the Content Authority review.

Another of the popular sites like Textbroker, Writer Access gives you a star rating two stars through six stars and the amount you earn is based on that. You'll take a test so that Writer Access can determine an initial star rating for you.

This rating can go up over time as you turn in quality work to clients. You can go here to sign up at Writer Access or read the Writer Access review which is need of updating so don't fully trust the info there.

The exact rate depends on the writing topics and styles. One great thing about this place is that they do pay every week with Paypal. You can also Need An Article review we wrote.

They often have openings worldwide. Rather than give writers a star rating, editors give each article a star rating.

You can go here to sign up at Writer's Domain or read the Writer's Domain review. I hope this list helps you if you were looking for more sites like Textbroker. Also, it's nice to receive weekly pay. This is the most profitable route to take as a freelance writer.

You can get your own clients and set your own rates, which you cannot really do with content sites like the ones listed above. A six-figure income is not outside the realm of possibility when you're running your own business.

Not sure what you'd write about? She's also written an incredibly detailed guide on working for yourself as a freelance writer if you're interested in getting a lot more information on how to go about it.

Thanks for the great article. We are accepting writers worldwide and have hundreds of articles each month.

Weekly payouts each Friday via Paypal currently looking into additional payout options but open to feedback on that front. Thanks for sharing this with us. Their jobs will be posted on TextBroker with all the information you need like the length of the text needed and the payment for the job.

All you have to do to write on TextBroker is create a free account and start applying for a job. Work at your own pace and send the job in on time. TextBroker is that simple. Writer Access must be the first addition to our list of writing websites like TextBroker. This site will give you a star rating for your content and the amount you earn will be based on your rating.

On this site, you will generally be paid anything between 1. Once you create your free account on this test, you will be required to take a short test that will give you your initial star rating. This site has attorneys, pre-med students, nurses, SEO experts, and more of the same genre. There are a lot of freelance writers needed on this site similar to TextBroker. Hire Writers has hundreds of jobs in a ton of niches.

The only requirements on this site are that you need to be good in English and you must always write unique content. Create your free account and start choosing topics of interest. Create a name for yourself by writing quality content and get accepted for better jobs as you prove your worth. On this addition to our list of freelance writing websites like TextBroker , you can start writing immediately.

On iWriter, payments are sent out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, the choice is up to you depending on your work schedule. Your deposits will be made by PayPal.

On this addition to our list of websites like Textbroker, everyone starts at the bottom.

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The purpose of this post is to give you a list of a few other writing sites like Textbroker in case you wanted more options and were looking for something with a similar sort of setup. I cannot say that any of the sites I'm about to mention are as good as Textbroker, but they might be good to apply with just in case Textbroker or any other site.

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Find the best sites like Textbroker and locate the best article writing service for your needs today. Explore the top writing sites online right now!

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Textbroker seems to be a very common starting place for those looking to start a career in freelance writing. While they are a good start, most freelancers need several eggs in their basket. Following are some sites similar to Textbroker, and if you keep them all warm you can likely make a nice chunk of change pretty regularly. The Content Authority The Content Authority, commonly referred to. 12 Websites Like TextBroker. Elvis Michael April 9, Tweet ** Over Writing Jobs Daily ** Do you have any similar website or paid online writing jobs in general? Improving freelance culture. Related Posts - Writing - / 6 Simple Tips for Writing Addictive Introductions.

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If you like the idea of working from home, you’ll love these freelance writing sites like Textbroker. Start working from home now! If you like the idea of working from home, you’ll love these freelance writing sites like Textbroker. 5 Writing Websites Like TextBroker. November 11, no comments. Save Saved Removed 0. Aug 23rd, 18 Popular Sites Like Textbroker Our bot has studied the internet and came across a lot of popular writing and freelance sites like Textbroker.