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Once the internal orientation has been established, it is possible to take the message to external audiences. Encouraging employees to behave in such a way that they are perceived to support brand promises, provides a vital form of consistency. Gilly, et al, IMC is not a static one level concept the establishment of IMC must be undertaken in steps, in order to coordinate various aspects. According, to Fill, , the starting point in the move towards IMC is at level of promotional mix, from promotional coordination, progress through to a functional coordination, where different parts are introduced to the concept of internal marketing communications.

The next step is characterised by the organisation moved towards a customer orientation culture, it requires a cultural shift. In other words, in order to established an IMC approach, Shaped Alloys must achieve and communicate their intent to all that involves both an inside an outside organisation. Integrated Marketing Communication, means different things to different people, however the term should embrace the marketing mix, the promotional mix, internal communications and all those outsourced providers which contribute to the overall marketing communication process.

All these elements need to be linked to the overall purpose of Shaped Alloys bearing in mind the strategy, philosophy and mission of the organisation. The key is synergy, media work better together in combination than they do alone.

Schultz, In order to identify the media synergy that exists within a promotional program the methodology is; the increased effects the same marketing communication message appearing in different media can have on product sales over time however it is important to bear in mind that a different approach and message have to be transferred to the two different segments. Some type of synergy may occur if various forms of media elements are ran together , but identifying this synergy in the mass media has been most difficult to prove, particularly in terms of connecting the results to actual market sales.

The identity of the two different brands is the foundation of any good brand building program. Cuclis Communication What is Public Relations? In order to determine the price policy for Shaped Alloys Ltd new products Xtract and Diamond it is important to consider a few aspects according to the product and the target market.

This could be to maximise profits, to maximise market share or to maximise market skimming. It is important to select an adequate price due to the assumption that many consumers use the price as an indicator of quality. Essay UK - http: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Marketing essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

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Duncan, Shaped Alloys Ltd must be at the forefront of consumer research and conducts extensive research on a regular basis to identify new trends and to study opportunities for new and different trade channels. Fill, , pg The fundamental starting point for the creation of a successful marketing mix strategy is to ensure that the target market is clearly defined. Shaped Alloys must position its two core products: Kottler, Therefore it is important to develop an IMC approach in order to obtain uniform branding, target the market and seek to position the Xtract and Diamond brands to their respective target markets.

Nowak, et al, 3. Duncan, Therefore, Shaped Alloys Ltd must bring together its advertising, direct marketing, public relations and employee communications in order to improved communications within them in order to target its two different segments Kottler, IMC can be defined as the harmonisation of the messages conveyed by each of the promotional tools, in order that audiences perceive a consistent image of product organisation.

Fill, The marketing communication tools can be used in different combinations and different degrees of intensity, according to the nature of the company and in order to communicate with the two different audience groups. Fill, DIRECT MARKETING Sales promotion, public relations, personal selling The shift is from an intervention-based approach to marketing communications, or based on seeking the attention of a customer who might not be interested; towards permission-based, focus on the audience interested in a particular offer.

Fill, The trend from traditional strategies, based largely on mass communications, to one based on personalisation, rather than generalisation, customer orientated and technology driven approaches, is referred to as integrated marketing communications. Duncan, et al, For decades, marketers have implemented the long established communications tools of advertising, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing to achieve a diverse range of objectives.

Belch, et al, Therefore it is important that Shaped Alloys Ltd coordinate the tools under an umbrella strategy in an attempt to increase communication effectiveness and consistency. Ewing, et al, 3. Fill, Shaped Alloys Ltd could use on alternative communication channels to create product awareness, such as the Diamond brand and its new range of saucepans, brand association and loyal customer bases.

Aaker, Providing extensive information especially by using media advertising, cannot impact customers personal experience with the brand. Duncan, Shaped Alloys, in order to move its Diamond products through the distribution channel, from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption, could use two basic sales promotion strategies; push and pull. Duncan, Pull strategies, on the other hand, are communication efforts targeted to end users.

These tactics, such as speeches, special events, newsletters, annual reports and news releases, are targeted to an audience could be used in order to target both markets the B2C and the B2B Cuclis Communication, 3. Duncan, POP material, however, offers the opportunity for a win-win situation for both retailer and manufacturer. Nonetheless, the goal of the exercise is to offer you some valuable experience in drafting a Marketing Plan. The marketing planning outline below is an adapted form of the Lehmann and Winer outline that is abridged to reflect the information available in the PharmaSim simulation.

Chapter 3 of the PharmaSim manual details the information available to the marketing planner in the PharmaSim world. Your marketing plan will consist of six key sections the plan should include all these section, but the specific lettered points within these six sections need not be discussed if they are not relevant:. As noted in Lehmann and Winer, senior management will have scores of plans to review. How well yours fares depends upon whether or not you can engage their interests in less than a page.

If the financials look good, the strategy is sound, and the fit with other businesses is strong, you have a winner. Although this is the first section, it is always written last.

It is a topline summary of all items that follow distilled into a synopsis of i where the firms is now e. The plan must be credible to a senior marketing officer who will evaluate, based on one page, whether to give you funds for your programs.

As such, it should also detail how much your plan will cost and the contribution you will make to the companies bottom line as a result. Although Lehmann and Winer list an exhaustive array of items to consider, our Pharmasim world is more focused than the real world. Accordingly, the situation analysis you will draft is somewhat more manageable.

It consists of the following sections:. Overall Category Analysis Here you will review the relevant trends affecting your brand and the category. These might indicate the category is stagnant or, alternatively, a great opportunity.

A sales analysis might reveal, for analysis, that California sales are down indicating, perhaps, a new competitor. You should address questions such as:. Competitors By analyzing competitors, it is often possible to exploit there weaknesses or anticipate potential problems e.

For each key competitor, consider:. Customers An analysis of customers is perhaps the most important aspect of the marketing plan. One might learn of impending problems such as a shift of sales to the web or opportunities such as new features. Things to consider in your analysis of customers include:.

For example, a company may have no distribution network or may market products that overlap. Things to consider include:. Planning Assumptions This section formalizes assumptions that you need to make for purposes of writing the subsequent sections of the marketing plan e. If the strategy is highly sensitive to these assumptions, then your plan may include more market research.

Summary It is important to note that it is not sufficient to merely restate the key situational factors affecting your brands although that is important. Rather, you need to flush out the implications this trend could hurt product x and the opportunities that arise e.

The assignment after completion will be sent to your e-mail and the student account of Assignments4u. There are reasons to believe that delays are dangerous and so we put so much stress on timely delivery. All our assignments are scheduled to be delivered well before the deadline. Our online help executives will be pleased to favor you with some professional advice on assignment help.

Excellence in any form always speaks for itself. We sieve through all our completed assignments thrice so that plagiarism of any kind might not escape us. Turnitin is the special tool with which we do all our plagiarism check. Marketing management is widely used in the periphery of the control of the business and the day to day life.

Marketing has started with the barter system in the 18th century in which the buyers and the sellers used to exchange their goods and services. Marketing management as a topic first appeared in the first half of the 20th century concerning the distribution. The process of delivery and determination of price through the demand and supply paved the way for the studies in the marketing discipline. This is the reason that economics is known as the mother of marketing assignment help and the simplest way to understand marketing management is to identify and meet the needs of customers.

As a marketer, one is supposed to identify the needs of the consumers and fulfill the requirements of the same. Companies catering in the product or service category values in the met and unmet needs of the customers and there are many product and service categories that are already met by many companies, so in brief, the companies are trying to meet the needs of the customers which are already met by other companies.

In this case, the bifurcation stands between meeting the met needs and unmet needs. Professor Philip Kotler has also provided a textbook definition of the marketing manager, and according to him, it is all about CCDVTP which means marketing is all about creation, communication, delivery, value to the target market for profit.

Here the value is all about the benefit and cost of the products and services. On the other hand, the most precise definition of marketing management comes from the American Marketing Association which states that marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Hence, it can be understood that marketing assignment is quite a tough thing to deal with and require special treatment.

We deliver the best homework service for marketing at the best price. The topics covered by the marketing assignment help experts at Assignment4U include mainly 15 components which are described a little below.

Brand management refers to the analysis and planning of the brand perception in the marketplace of marketing assignment. Brand management deals in developing a good relationship in the target market and the elements in brand management include packaging, price, design, consumer experience and more.

Marketing communication in marketing assignment help regards to the channels and tools of Integrated marketing communication by which the company communicates with its customers such as personal selling, advertising, sponsorship, direct marketing and more.

Online marketing or digital marketing in marketing assignment help revolves around deployment of the advanced technological tools related to the internet technologies.

This marketing takes the most use of the mobile phones, digital medium, and display advertising. Critical elements of marketing:

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Sample Marketing Assignment Marketing Assignment INTRODUCTION. Shaped Alloys Ltd is a local company supplying aluminium cowlings, mouldings and structures for .

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The Marketing Minute is a short two-to-four minute presentation of a marketing concept for which each student will be assigned and scheduled. Written Paper Assignment. Each student selects a topic from a list of questions. Each topic can have a different due date and you can pass out a sign-up sheet.

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Marketing as a subject consists of concepts derived from different disciplines. A marketing assignment is solely not focused on the market analysis; it also includes the concepts of the areas. In order to ace in marketing assignment writing, students need to comprehend all marketing concepts and theories/5(14K). Looking for marketing management Assignment pdf. You are at correct place to get the same to understand our approach through marketing assignments examples. In this marketing management assignment pdf, we explain our approach to build Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy to tap the /5(7).