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❶Parents should, however, ensure that young people are protected from too much exposure to advertising. To discover more about me you'll find out more here:

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Research Paper on Advertising

It involves a process of transmission of information by the manufacturer or a seller of a product or service to modify or stimulate the behaviour of the buyer to buy a particular product. Thus it has a persuasive element. Kumar points out that Advertisement is not mass medium in the way that the press, the cinema, radio, TV and the folk media are.

They are not so much mediating technologies for reaching the masses as much as users of the mass media to get across their messages to large members of customers. It has been the engine of growth of mass media.

Much of financial support for the development of technological media has come from industry and business which need large scale advertising. Thus it became so much a part of mass media that the distinction between the media as public fore and as tools of publicity for business and other Social institutions has become gradually blurred. The history of mass communication has been largely shaped by the needs of advertising.

Advertising can be in any form of presentation such as sign, symbol or illustration in print media, a commercial on radio or television, poster etc. Thus advertising is the communication link between the seller and the buyer. It has made mass selling possible. The term advertising is derived from the Latin word advertence.

I want get good score 6. Nowadays, several forms of advertisement are being used to attract consumers. In my view, it is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. I was just thinking, when there is a question that asks, To what extent? Is it not essential to mention the degree of agreement like.. I totally agree, some what agree or something like that. I have my ielts tomorrow and this is the best site to revise ur study. Thanks so much for the wrk , Dominic.

This is fantastic website. You helped thousands of students around the world. You keep up the good work. More power to you. Hi Dominic, I wanted to thank you for your time that you saved to write all the information and share it to the public. Your website is one of the best websites that can gives you a clear instruction to get good grade in IELTS exam. I have a friend who rely on your website and he get 8 in the writing exam.

And here I have written an essay under the same topic given on this page , about advertisements. Can you give my essay a grade and give me some advices? Looking forward to your repply. Advertisements can be seen every corner of our society today.

People receive messages given by advertisements consciously or unconsciously. Some of them are really instrumental. But most of them are misguiding. And here I will give some suggestions to prevent consumers from being much influenced by advertisements. Advertisements, whether benefit people or not, have become a integral part of our life.

People be affected by the advertisement gradually. If a consumer saw advertisements recommending the same brand for several times. He may incline to choose this brand rather than others, even its products are of awful quality. To make benefit more from their products, companies might make their advertisements misleading. Consumers like the odd and children with sick common knowledge can be easily persuaded to buy their goods.

There are several measures to take to hold the advertisement in check. First, government should play a role as a supervisor. If an advertisement were to be shown in public, then the government should check whether the quality of the product match the description on the advertisement.

Second, the amount and frequency of advertisements showing on the TV or Internet should be limited. If a consumer saw advertisements less, then he may be influenced by them less. Advertisements have both advantages and disadvantages. Since it is impossible to prevent them from affecting our daily life, we would better to set a supervising system and regulations to them.

You need to work on your core language a bit. Some good if clauses but be careful with sentence structure. You have quite a few very short sentences. Can you join these two together for instance:.

Your conclusion is a bit odd. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Better to refer back to your first content para and say that they do mislead us. Thanks for your advices and I will try in my later essays. In fact, I only get a score of 5.

I think there are several reasons. Second, my handwriting is really ugly I can not change it in a short time. Third,I always make too many small mistakes wrong forum or wrong spelling of the vocabulary I plan to write task1 and task2 per essay in the next month ,hope I can at least get 6 in writing and speaking. Thanks for sharing this. I am working on an advertising essay for my marketing class, and I am having trouble getting started. I found a lot of free essay examples here that have been helpful, you should take a look: Email will not be published.

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NITA August 18, at Mitsu September 6, at 9: Hi Dominic, thanks for your valuable posts. Reshma November 30, at 4: Hai Dominic, This site is very helpful to me …and iam goin to wrte ielts on feb…I have gne thrgh ielts 2 times and not able to scre band 7 bt this time i will scre it,Your site will. Ari September 3, at 4: Can u please have a quick look at my introduction Nowadays, several forms of advertisement are being used to attract consumers.

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Advertising helps greatly in showing the consumers what they really want. In the process of advertising there are various techniques that are applied that may either bring about positive or negative effects to .

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The Degenerative Influence of Advertising on Society - Advertising is designed to foster a desire to purchase goods and services, yet it is much deeper than that—advertising is a system of effective manipulation that twists the mentalities of those subjected to it.

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Advertising is a method used to attract people's attention. Advertising is an important and simple procedure for companies to make themselves known. Most adverts can be found in newspapers, magazines, billboard, buses, internet, and on the radio, flyers, newsletters or posters. Advertising is an influential part of life and we can easily realize that it serves useful purposes for public and private manufacturers. Advertisements can either give consumers a great amount of knowledge about the products or just enough to make them want the products.

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Short Essay on Advertisement. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On May 26, By Omna Roy. Today, however, publicity in print, internet, and television media is more essential and extensive form of advertising. Perhaps, the most widespread is the combination of oral and written publicity which is found in modern television. The essay question asks if you agree or disagree but it is not clear what your opinion is. For this essay, I would delete the last sentence of the introduction and then make your opinion on the issue clearer in .