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Career Research Paper

Writing a Career Research Paper

❶While these courses can provide a valuable grounding knowledge of the industry, most fashion photographers begin their careers by assisting established fashion photographers.

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Free Research Paper on Career

Resource Page Breakdown 1. Assignment Outline Page version 1 full assignment 2. Assignment Outline Page version 1 no location requirement 4.

At-A-Glance Research Organizer 6. Research Notes Page 1 7. Research Notes Page 2 8. Researching Education and Training Graphic Organizer 9. Researching Location Graphic Organizer Students will conduct individual research by applying a structural steps system process learning for gathering information, evaluating sources and classifying information, citing sources MLA style, formulating a thesis statement, developing an outline, and composing paragraphs to create a career research paper with references a written product in a computer word processing software program.

Students will self-assess learning with a rubric. Students will evaluate their own interests and skills to determine a specific and realistic transition career goal to investigate -- accurately and creatively -- using the Internet.

Students will use computer technology sources and software to produce a career research paper. Self-Evaluation Worksheet download from URL in Step 1 , Outline see attachment , Sample of Source Cards see attachment , Rubric for Grading Research Paper see attachment , large manila envelope to store ongoing research and materials, highlighter, 3 x 5 inch index cards, 5 x 8 inch index cards, printer paper.

First, you must desire to learn about the career you choose and be willing to follow a guide to help you in this research process. You must be able to read, follow directions, work independently, ask for help in an appropriate manner, and set timelines for completion of work. You must be able to stay organized and keep up with the individual components in your large manila envelope. Rubric for Grading Research Paper see attachment.

Each process step will be graded including personal inventory and declaration of career; outline and thesis statement; copy of articles; source card documentation; note cards; first draft; typed draft; proofreading and edited revisions; parenthetical documentation; title page, outline, paper, works cited, and appendix; manuscript formatting; and presentation to class.

Independent and Gifted Learners: The design is intended for asynchronous learning. Independent researchers can complete research assignment, substitute primary sources, or conduct a review of the literature appraising current questions in the field.

Students may then follow up with independent projects, such as interviews, job shadowing, service learning, experiments, or field experiments. How to Write a Career Research Paper You may save this lesson plan to your hard drive as an html file by selecting "File", then "Save As" from your browser's pull down menu. Information Literacy IL Grade: K 1 The student who is information literate accesses information efficiently and effectively.

Grade-specific expectations for writing types are defined in standards above. Editing for conventions should demonstrate command of the first three standards in the Language strand in Grades K Guide the students through the following process of completing self-directed research and producing a career exploration research paper.

Which activities are you skilled in; for example, what is easy for you to do? How important are these activities to you? Career Advancement "Why a company should hire you as a personnel, operations, deployment manager. I have been exposed to a variety of high-pressure situations and have always handled myself in a diligent and professional manner.

I have experience as a program integrator and deployment manager, a deployment readiness officer and logistical coordinator, a central issue manager, and a deployment mission manger. All of these positions have provided an environment in which I have been able to fine tune many of the skills that are needed to fulfill a personnel, operations, and deployment manager.

I attribute much of the success that I have so far achieved in my career to my self-motivation and military professionalism. The military taught me a lot about maintaining a professional composure through some…… [Read More]. Career of Computer Programmer Creating. Second, a major benefit for many computer programmers is the option of working on a variety of very interesting and challenging projects.

Often the projects require months off planning, programming and continual work to get the applications to performing at their highest possible performance levels. Third, many companies now sponsor in-house training and development seminars, with a few even having local universities come in and teach the latest techniques on programming.

This is a major time-saver for programmers as it gets them more knowledge to do their jobs, and also make them more valuable in their careers for the long-term. Fourth, programming is a profession that lends itself well to individual achievement and accomplishment.

For those programmers who are exceptionally good at their work, they become well-known in their fields and often get promoted. Companies also provide many conveniences to programmers to alleviate time drains on them. Google for example…… [Read More]. Career Plans in the Course. I am particularly interested in the students who have challenges, either educationally or behaviorally.

I feel that by working to develop new assessment tools it will be possible to further evaluate the skills and abilities for these students which may previously have been unavailable to us.

I look forward to working with teachers, parents and students in order to formulate tools which will help students get the most out school.

Educational psychology is an excellent career move for me. I have experience working with children who have autism, high school students, and my personality seemed to be a good fit in what can be a challenging and rewarding environment. I think my current education and work experience melds nicely into my hopes to work in a research capacity, designing evaluations, analyzing and interpreting data and presenting coherent results.

While I do not consider myself a linear thinking, I believe that…… [Read More]. Career Aptitude Tests One of. Some commonly used career aptitude tests include the ACT's formerly American College Testing EXPLOE testing regimen that examines 8th and 9th grade students' career aptitude using a battery of tests that provide a range of potential occupational choices.

According to ACT's promotional material for the EXPLOE test, "This information can help you learn more about careers, clarify your goals, and begin to plan your future -- including your high school courses and, perhaps, a college education" Your future, , para. Profession of Security Professional Security. Security professionals should know what that kind of cooperation entails and what the possible limitations are, and really what the professional expectations are for investigative cooperation, so as to not impede or otherwise hinder active investigations.

While private security as a profession has boomed in many ways, there are some key ways in which the industry still lags behind. One of these ways is accurate data collection, data presentation, and collection of other relevant statistics. This must be a modern issue that security professionals take seriously. Statistics may be dry to some, but that trait does not diminish the value or the necessity of accurate and up-to-date statistics about the industry, including demographics, tools used, success rates, rates of collaboration with other agencies, and more.

With modern tools such as data visualization, it is relatively more simple to represent large quantities of data in visually appealing ways in a condensed…… [Read More]. This can be a risky position particularly since it may involve working in an environment that contains substances that may be non-conductive to one's health.

There are many controversial chemicals in some products and some individuals working with these can be at risk whether known or not. Products can be toxic or harmful. In Australia alone, exposure to hazardous workplace substances cause over deaths annually Better Health Channel. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's OSHA definition of harmful substances include toxic substances such as chemical matters or biological agents that are known to cause harmful health effects.

Many of Humana's innovation or product workers work in such environments. Interaction with such products include health effects that introduce respiratory infections, positioning, disorder of lung, kidney, and liver, skin rashes, burns, neurological impact and far more. The common hazardous substances in the workplace that product…… [Read More]. Accountancy falls into three areas: I choose accounting since it will give me a solid employment with a lucrative wage and this is what is important to me.

I have also learned that it can be fun in the investigative way if I se it as such. The work conditions are fine -- not too tedious and best of all I can structure them at my convenience. I can work either for an institution or be self-employed. Chances for advancement also depend on myself and, best of all, I can find global opportunities in any and every business.. A cursory glance at job market statistics offers a grim picture, leading many to pessimistic conclusions. Likewise, rates of unemployment have been at near-record lows, especially for young men United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics 1.

Baeurlein also points out the problem that many college students have with debt accumulation from student loans, making it difficult for them to get a foothold on their careers. Yet not all graduates are doomed to flounder in the labor market. I am pursuing a career in adult probation and parole. On reason why I am optimistic about my future prospects is that working in corrections is a public service sector job that does…… [Read More].

Career Counseling The Writer Explores. It is the role of the career counselor to work with the diverse populations and help guide them to success through building their confidence in their abilities. Conclusion Career counseling is a profession in which the counselors have an impact on the national workforce and its direction, though many professional counseling majors in college ignore career counseling as a potential career. As the world continues to diversify and globalize the impact career counselors have on society will continue to expand.

The economic benefits of career guidance. A review of current evidence [Occasional paper]. The implications for theory and practice of the Fourth…… [Read More]. Prioritizing work means coming up with a schedule that is based partly on the importance of meeting specific deadlines, but also based on the actual importance of each task and the people who requested them.

Low priority items would get shifted to the bottom of my to-do list, freeing up energy and time for the more important activities. However, on some days it is helpful to tick off some of the low priority and easy tasks early.

Tell us how would you handle a disgruntled customer who is not satisfied with your job performance? Handling disgruntled bosses or disgruntled customers requires patience, confidence, and poise.

The first thing I would do would be to take a step away from the conversation if I find myself getting upset. I can return to it later with a calm and clear mind. Then, I would try…… [Read More]. Career Objective and How Will. My notable contributions in this capacity include obtaining investment funding and sponsorships, securing a co-production partnership with Storm , a leading West African entertainment company, and forging media partnerships with HiTV, Silverbird TV, NN24, and BusinessDay among others.

In addition, I established and implemented overall business objectives of becoming a world-class production and broadcast company offering international broadcast content to strengthen the spirit of enterprise and human development throughout Africa and across the globe. Furthermore, I played an integral role in representing company in key business negotiations.

Fashion Photographer Although I could not find any specific job advertisement for a fashion photographer, I found some entry-level positions in the fashion industry. A copy of these appears after the reference list. It appears that a career choice of fashion photography would be extremely rewarding in terms of the interesting situations and people the professional would come into contact with.

It also appears to be a highly creative and satisfying job for a person with the right traits. According to the "Creative Skillset" Website , some colleges and universities offer courses in fashion photography, which are generally led by established photographers who act as visiting lecturers for these courses.

While these courses can provide a valuable grounding knowledge of the industry, most fashion photographers begin their careers by assisting established fashion photographers. This provides not only practical experience in the industry, but also practical knowledge of the way in…… [Read More]. Career Planning Development and Management.

This is my first step into the management profession and I am excited to settle into a job in this field. I am an American resident having completed all my studies here. Throughout my elementary and secondary years, I held various positions such as class representative. Later, I got an admission in the University and since I was inclined to the commerce side, I opted to major in management.

After completing this course, I intend to sort out today's market needs and the employment opportunities just within the country Herrick My belief is that improvement and continuous innovation are the keys for competing in the currently challenging market.

I have done extensive research…… [Read More]. Career Living in 'The Present'. This means that the country will have enough 'supply' of accountants at the time demand will be greater in the future. Interestingly, this increase in demand for accountants will also correspond to an increase in projected median annual earnings for the profession.

This positive outlook to management accounting is supported by Ms Dale, who believed that accounting is one of the professions that is recognized as financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating, across societies and cultures all over the world.

She likened the profession as a high-low job, where working conditions are usually located at the extreme…… [Read More]. Career Path of Communication Major. Advancement Rank advancement relates to the level of experience of the employee and the amount of years of services within the context of the business entity. For individuals or experts to command rank advancement within this field, they must develop large pool of experience and qualification to be able to serve in the higher ranks.

The employee must also serve within the company for certain duration in order to merit promotion. This type of rank advancement or promotion depends on the performance and personal or character traits honesty, loyalty, and obedience of the employee. The company must be convinced on the performance levels of the user experience designer to guarantee or facilitate promotion to higher ranks with better remuneration or wages.

Career Options in Accounting. The function is generally concerned with documenting business transactions and preparing financial statements. The accounting field offers numerous career paths. Though related, each of these careers is unique in its own way. A financial accountant is involved in making and receiving payments, recording transactions, and preparing financial statements.

Closely related to financial accounting is managerial accounting. While a financial accountant prepares financial statements for use by outsiders such as shareholders and lenders, a managerial accountant prepares financial records for internal use. The work of a payroll clerk is to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time. The clerk prepares, processes,…… [Read More]. Now that you have performed research and written your professional plan, how have your thoughts changed? Prior to taking COMM , what did you think would have been appropriate sources or research strategies?

Have your thought changed? How did this influence your evaluation of the sources you have used in other research papers?

I, actually, was quite vague about the term Information Literacy and Research ILR and did not consider myself needing the instruction. Until now, I had thought that if I would need certain information, I would simply type it into the browser if using the Internet or withdraw some book from the library.

I think I was also not particularly discriminatory in my sources. The author who had a PhD following his name was preferable to me, but otherwise I followed that which appealed to me and, as I later discovered,…… [Read More]. Research of Emerging Accounting Issues. Prior to the establishment of ETIF in , the FASB constantly faced challenges of not being able to offer well-timed and sensible solutions to developing practice problems. The EITF was therefore designed to disseminate and propagate carrying out guidance within the structure of the Accounting Standards Codification to decrease multiplicity when it comes down to it on a well-timed basis.

In their field of profession, accountants experience a wide range of issues that are not comprehensively addressed in accounting pronouncements, and, which necessitate prompt resolve. In addition, such professionals insist that…… [Read More]. Career in the Fashion Industry Knows There. There is a lot of paperwork involved in getting a design made in the professional world, and not just drawing paper. There are specific expectations that manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and others have in regards to what they will receive from designers and design companies, and if these expectations aren't met it will be clear both that the designer does not understand how to conduct themselves professionally, and that they do not full understand the needs of the others they are dealing with.

Two things that designers must be able to prepare and must know the difference between are line sheets and spec sheets, which are similar in certain ways but are ultimately vastly different documents. This paper will describe the two sheets and their importance. Spec sheets…… [Read More]. Halcomb, Peters, and Mclennes aims at examining pre-registration nurses' experiences in community clinic assignments as well as the effect such assignment has on their education.

The authors have determined that clinical assignments to community facilities may offer nursing undergraduates important opportunities for learning. The research was conducted using a qualitative study design. The research work attempts at examining pre-registration nurses' experiences in community clinic assignments as well as the effect such assignment has on their education.

Statement of Purpose For promoting the profession of primary healthcare, comprehending pre-registration pupils' experiences within primary care contexts at the time of clinical assignment is vital. In spite of the observable advantages such assignment have for pupils, poor supervisor-student relationships, work climates that do not foster a sense of belonging, and the absence of adequate guidance and monitoring are proven to have strong links to exacerbated anxiety and stress levels, greater pupil attrition…… [Read More].

If we'd all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses. To this end, career counselors can facilitate this process by helping students learn more about their viable career choices depending on their individual preferences and aptitudes.

Finally, an explanation concerning the importance of addressing career education…… [Read More]. Career in Sports Nutrition Including the Background. Sports nutritionists can help people from every way of life lead healthier, happier lives. A professional sports nutritionist studies nutritional needs, weight maintenance, and even eating disorders so they can understand the nutritional problems American's face, and help them make the right eating decisions for their own specific needs.

Today, they are an essential and integral part of modern sports exercise, and as the nutritional needs of our society continue to alter, nutritionists will play an even more important role in our healthy lives. Sports nutrition is a relatively new field, and so many professionals are creating their own opportunities in many areas of exercise science and related sports…… [Read More].

In two of these editions, "actuary" was rated as the best career in terms of environment, income, employment, outlook, physical demands, security, and stress. In two other editions, "actuary" was rated as the second best career.

In only one other edition was it rated fourth. The data used to calculate these findings came from trade association and industry group studies, as well as government sources such as the U. Census Bureau and the U. Bureau of Labour and Statistics. In addition, Actuaries were rated number six by PayScale. This paper will further explore the role and purpose of an actuary, the use of mathematics within this career, and how…… [Read More].

Career Path of Being an Entrepreneur in. In pursuing my career in the field of health and fitness I aim to open a personal training studio that offers the clients personalized care and approach and helps them to stay fit and healthy along with alleviating the stress and pressures of day-to-day life. As also discussed in detail in part one, my marketing objectives and business plan is quite clear, whereby during the first 12 months of my career I would like to start and own a fitness and training center offering various specialized health and fitness services to my clients.

I would also provide my clients with value added services like physical therapy and rehabilitation services. As far as the three-year approach is considered, after the three years of my business I see myself approaching new markets and expanding my clientele and business in various…… [Read More].

Career in I Knew Right Away. Within two years of matriculating, I became a trainee at the King Fahad Medical City Hospital, where I worked in both inpatient and outpatient pharmacies. After the six weeks of training, I had a much clearer vision of how I wished to develop and apply my skills as a pharmacist in the future. Witnessing the direct interactions between pharmacist, medical care team, and patient, I have become passionate about all elements of pharmaceutical research.

I have also become keenly aware of the connections between pharmaceutical research as a business endeavor and the need to provide pharmaceutical interventions to the global population, especially those who lack access to medical care.

An advanced degree in the United Kingdom provides me with the thorough indoctrination into…… [Read More]. Profession and Transferable Skills. As evident in previous analysis, environmental and social sustainability is wide given the varying components of this profession.

The broad nature of the profession is evident in the fact that people in this sector are trained on various aspects including sustainable, economic, environmental, social, and economic development.

In essence, environmental and social sustainability is a broad discipline that provides students with insights regarding various aspects of the human world including business, technology, social sciences, and the environment Environmental Science, It is important to identify a specific role and pursue it in order to be successful in the field of environmental and social sustainability. Correlation of oles in this Discipline As previously mentioned, the field of environmental and social sustainability has…… [Read More].

Research on the Benefits of a College Degree. Benefits Obtaining a College Degree ecently, students have been paying huge amounts of money to attend a college but earned less upon graduation Arai, Such trends have caused many observers to question if a college degree is a worthwhile investment. To be precise, college students endure the following expenses: Supplies, tuition fees and books are the direct costs of education, but board and room are indirect costs as they are incurred to sustain a subsistence level of education.

Besides the above, opportunity cost is one of the most important costs as these students forgo earnings while in school. In addition to the above costs that students endure, a college education is also associated with…… [Read More]. Career Service Employees According to the law, all employees are to be paid for their services, while overtime in all cases is also subject to some sort of compensation, either by means of payment or by means of compensatory leave.

The circumstances under which each type of remuneration should occur vary among employee types. What this means is that all employees who offer overtime work should be compensated in some way.

The Florida Administrative Code also provides for this type of compensation for various employee types Martin, Compensatory leave can therefore be defined as "time off from work in compensation for irregular or occasional overtime work…" CompesationBL, According to the general rules for compensation, the directors' complaints are therefore valid.

They are also valide in terms of the Florida Administrative Code Stutler, Interview on a Specific Career. Investigative Reporter hether it was reading my younger sister's diary or spying on my crazy neighbors whom I was convinced were axe murders, I have always had a natural calling for being a sleuth.

In addition to my voyeuristic ways, I am also interested in current events and politics.

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Sample Student PDC , Online Career Research Paper The career that I had in mind when I first began college was one in counseling psychology.

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The Basics. The introduction of the research paper should include information about the writer and his or her interests. The body should examine the responsibilities, education requirements, potential salary, and employment outlook of a specific career.

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Free Career papers, essays, and research papers. A Career as a Pharmacist - The flow of the medical community is dependent on every person employed there. This career research paper outline is just the basic one, to which you may add more points or, from which you may remove points which are not applicable to your topic. The points to be included in the paper depend heavily upon the kind.

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paper, the students will rewrite/revise research paper using constructive ideas presented by peers and teacher. Step 6 – Class presentations can be made on their career choice and what area of study they would. Looking For A Good writer for your Career Research Paper? You are in the right place! MyPaperWriter are here to help you with any writing assignment!