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That was a quick revision. I got just what I wanted. Wonderful service and an equally wonderful writer: Got the grade I payed for. I have added you to my favourite writers: Just what I expected. This sure looks like a 2: In practical terms, if you stick to the assignment requirements you can't famous last words? If in doubt, ASK! Better to get help and pass than stay quiet and fail. Don't we all go on about them: With these my best advice is to start early. Use your university work as a 'dummy run' for your filing system.

One of the easiest ways is to get some lever arch files and enough tabs for one for each standard. Then label them up and start filing your work in the sections appropriately. As time goes on you will gather more and more stuff to file so best to keep this as a regular exercise.

Those who haven't have had to spend whole weekends I kid you not just catching up on this so that their mentor can check it for them. Better to present your mentor with an organised system that is regularly updated, on a weekly basis, than a mess at the end of a placement! Don't forget that this is teacher 'training' not teacher perfect. You are not expected to go in on day one of your first teaching practice and just be able to do it.

You will be expected to be prepared, be hard working and learn from your mistakes, accept feedback with good grace and learn from it, and improve as you go along. It takes time and practice, and you need to get a feel for how you are as a teacher, and how you want to be as time goes on.

All classes are different and even the same ones can be very different on different days and for different teachers — get out there and observe as much as you can — lots of different subjects. And get out there and do as much as you can in the school — be part of it in other ways beyond your subject, coach rugby, go on the history trips, sing in the carol service, run a gaming club and so on.

It helps you as a teacher for your pupils to see you as something other than the subject teacher that you are. But most of all, don't give up all of your life.

You need a balance. Take time out to do other things, time for yourself and friends and family — it really makes a difference to how you survive this year. Coping with bad behaviour is one of the things that causes many PGCE students concern. But there are some fabulous tips to be had here.

Rob Salter has created a wealth of resources to help new teachers in class and also looks at how Neuro-linguistic Programming can help. Some more top tips on how to manage behaviour positively is available here from Pivotal Education's behaviour guru Paul Dix.

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